Asked on Jul 19, 2014

Name that plant!

Cheryl Newman
by Cheryl Newman
Hello, Gardeners. I live in northern Illinois. I have a rain garden filled with mostly natives. I found this little plant growing in the shade of the willow tree. It is about 12 inches high. It has an arching habit like a small Solomon's seal, but the leaves are toothed around the edges. No sign of flowers, but it is in the shade. Any thoughts?
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  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jul 20, 2014
    The leaf reminds me somewhat of snakeroot (Actaea species), but I believe those are opposite and yours appears to be alternate. But it would certainly be happy in a moist shady spot.

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    • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jul 20, 2014
      @Cheryl Newman Possibly. I can honestly say I have never seen valerian growing, but in a quick Google search its leaves also appeared opposite rather than alternate.