Asked on Jan 09, 2021

Need ideas for low-maintenance full sun plants.

by Louise

We just replaced our 42-yr-old subdivision sign. It had shrubs all around it but they were too tall and full of weeds. The man who was tasked with cutting them much lower botched it and after this photo was taken, he dug up what little was left. Now it looks very barren. This sign is smaller than the old one so doesn't fill the space the previous one did. It's in full sun.

We want to plant something that's VERY low-maintenance on the front and back side (both show from the road) that will look nice all year long. Maybe some shrubs that won't grow taller than about 3.5 ft would work well. Flowers would be pretty, but only part of the year and would need more care, so we think shrubs of some kind -- maybe with colorful foliage or interesting leaves, etc. -- would do the trick. This is in metro Atlanta.

Also, we have only a small amt to spend so we need to consider the cost. Any suggestions, bearing in mind the stipulations? Once the wood has dried sufficiently (in the spring), we're going to seal the wood and leave the natural color.

q need ideas for low maintenance full sun plants
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