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Kathleen M
by Kathleen M
I found this traveler in my garden, anyone know what it is and is it a keeper ? Thanks =)
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q plant id
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  • Nancy Hand Nancy Hand on May 14, 2013
    I'm stumped???

  • Linda E Linda E on May 14, 2013
    I have them in my yard too, had them for years. Good take up space plant for me.

  • Peggy Peggy on May 15, 2013
    Hmmmm, similar to a Pencil Plant?!

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on May 15, 2013
    Do the leaves stay narrow like that? Do they have any fragrance?

  • Rosemary N Rosemary N on May 15, 2013
    Looks like it may be a succulent, by the shape of the leaves and the notches on them. Do they ever bloom?

  • Andi hurtig Andi hurtig on May 15, 2013
    I get these in my yard, from what I believe to be bird droppings! They grow into the most interesting pink flower...kind of like a poppy. Each year is different, they don't always show up! I kind of look forward to them!

  • Kathleen M Kathleen M on May 15, 2013
    Hello all, and thanks for the replies! It just appeared, I have no idea where it came from, was there when we did the beds for spring clean up.....It is def not a succulent, in new pic you can clearly see woody stem and a bud ( I cropped the pic more ) Can't really see if the leaves are serrated, will bring out my magnifying glass when I go out to plant :)

  • Kathleen M Kathleen M on May 15, 2013
    @Linda E could you snap a pic for me as a comparison? Nope @Peggy, nope not a Pencil Plant, I do have on of those though :D

  • Kathleen M Kathleen M on May 15, 2013
    OOOh @Andi hurtig ! I hope you are right! Do they like sunny or shady and have you ever attempted to move them?

  • Andi hurtig Andi hurtig on May 15, 2013
    I find them in the sun...since I'm in gets HOT here, and they do just fine...the leaves look like they could be kind of "rubbery", right? Just let it go...they are truly pretty!!

  • Renee Renee on May 15, 2013
    Mexican Petunia?

  • Laura Laura on May 15, 2013
    looks like a variety of sedum to me. wonderful pink - turning to deep rose colored flowers late summer/fall. Compact growth & will "pop" up around the yard. Just transplant to where you want it. Def. in the succulent family, I'm in PA (Poconos) & even have wintering cactus here!

  • Laura Laura on May 15, 2013
    lol...oh you're talking about the "twiggy" thing..sorry! LOL )

  • Mindy Mindy on May 16, 2013
    Ice plant, maybe?

  • Andi hurtig Andi hurtig on May 16, 2013
    Not ice plant! I keep a little "plot" in my yard for "surprises" and "not sure's"...sometimes I get a lovely surprise....sometimes I just have an interesting weed!

  • June June on May 17, 2013
    Google a sedum called Autumn Joy and compare it to this. Looks a lot like it to me.

  • Jenny Pecchia Jenny Pecchia on May 17, 2013
    Im also saying some kinda sedom...I live in Jersey Shore,PA i have autumn joy(sedum) they are perennials I divide mine up about every other year. They are a beautiful burgandy color in the fall.

  • Kathleen M Kathleen M on May 19, 2013
    @June and @Jenny Pecchia the plant in question is not a sedum although there is a sedum in the picture and it is Autumn Joy lol! Plant in question is that scraggly looking one. Jenny I had no idea there was a town called Jersey Shore in PA... I live at the Jersey Shore, near Long Beach Island :)