Pollinating- Is there something I can do to help my garden this year?

by Donna
Last year my vegetable plants had dozens of blossoms yet I got very few vegetables from any of them..the plants were big and healthy as well. I was told I must not have bees to help with pollinating. Is there something I can do to help my garden this year?
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 15, 2017
    Which plants are you having trouble with?

    • Donna Donna on Jun 15, 2017
      It was pretty much all of my garden except for the herbs and beets. I had string beans, tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, pumpkins, watermelons, cukes and squash. I got no tomatoes from 15 plants, not 1. I got 1 squash, about 10 tiny summer squash, no pumpkins, no watermelons, no zucchini, maybe 30 string beans from 8 plants, and about 10 cukes from 10 plants. It was so disappointing.

  • Linda Hunt Linda Hunt on Jun 15, 2017
    It may sound very time consuming but using a feather actually works. If it is vines such as zucchini or cakes just cut off a male flower and brush it against the female flower. It really goes much faster than you would think. I hope this helps. Ah, if you happen to have a bad back use a stool during this. It helps me a lot.

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    • Linda Hunt Linda Hunt on Jun 15, 2017
      Each plant is a little different but I think you could learn it really easy if you use a plant identifier with the parts labelled. I do not remember which site I used.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 15, 2017
    Your plants are not getting enough pollination. www.growgreatvetables.com/plantinggrowing/pollination.html With that if you have given them fertilizer with touch nitrogen and not enough phosporous all the energy in producing leaves and no fruits.

  • Cori Widen Cori Widen on Jun 15, 2017
    If you had trouble with most things, I would just get a soil sample and bring it to the local nursery so that they can test it and make sure that's not an issue. Good luck!

  • Diane Cowan Ruth Diane Cowan Ruth on Jun 15, 2017
    If it's just a pollination problem, consider adding a couple bee friendly plants like milkweed, borage, or weeds that bloom. Maybe even a home made bee house for solitary bees (non-agressive bees such as leaf cutter/orchard bees) Build it and they will come...I promise. :)