Asked on Jun 04, 2014

Pruning knockout roses after the first bloom of the season?

Should I prune my knockout roses after they have put out their first blooms of the year so they will bloom again during the late summer or early fall months?
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  • Alana Swance Newman Alana Swance Newman on Jun 04, 2014
    just trim all the dead branches off leave to early fall to trim

  • Sandy Sandy on Jun 04, 2014
    I have 2 of them in zone 6. I deadhead continually and they bloom all summer and fall. I fertilize w/fish oil after a lot of deadheading. Deadhead back to where you see 5 leaves. You can prune in fall or early spring.

  • Knockouts require no pruning during the summer and in your area they will bloom until October or November depending upon the weather! you prune to shape or if you just do not like the dead flowers. that is why so many people plant them. In winter, after a good cold spell, then trim them down for the next spring unless you want them to get huge. Just watch for any signs of disease/pest infestations in your area. I am in zone 7 and I have now lost 5 to Rose Rosette disease. Happy gardening!

  • Sharon Young-Southerly Sharon Young-Southerly on Jun 05, 2014
    What is rose rosette disease? This year, the roses bloomed and looked beautiful and then the leaves developed some type of mildewy white stuff on them even though they still bloomed. Is this rose rosette disease?

    • @Sharon Young-Southerly I wrote about this disease with pictures. I have detailed pics for you to check out. I have lost 5 knockouts so far this year plus possible climbing rose. Knockouts can get diseases just as other roses and plants. You could have a fungus or powdery mildew-post it in a question with pic so we can see it.

  • Jackie Golladay Jackie Golladay on Jun 05, 2014
    I do NOTHING But water and fertilize at some point.. that is why I like them but want yellow ones too and they are hard to find..this is the 3rd year and are huge... LOVE THEM.