Asked on Aug 21, 2013

What type VINE is this and is it intrusive??

Jim Ginas
by Jim Ginas
Neighbor has this growing in her yard and it is overtaking her plants and all. She says it is extremely intrusive and will kill the plants. Is it easy to kill if needed?
what type vine is this and is it intrusive, gardening
what type vine is this and is it intrusive, gardening
what type vine is this and is it intrusive, gardening
what type vine is this and is it intrusive, gardening
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  • Connie Cunningham Connie Cunningham on Aug 22, 2013
    yep ^ ditto. Not so hard to get rid of at all.

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    • Jim Ginas Jim Ginas on Aug 22, 2013
      @The Garden Frog with C Renee WOW! ok, thanks C.

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Aug 22, 2013
    I think I spent half the time in my New York garden pulling up Virginia creeper. And now it has followed me to Florida, but seems much less prolific here.

  • Louise Barker Louise Barker on Aug 22, 2013
    looks like wild grape vining

  • Taryn Taryn on Aug 23, 2013
    Also called Japanese Holly. Down here in Florida is is VERY invasive and very hard to get rid of. You can pull it down but it keeps coming back - no way to get rid of it completely. It's in a neighbors yard and they don't control it so it keeps coming into my yard. I hate it.

  • Jim Ginas Jim Ginas on Aug 23, 2013
    So question all: Will it kill all other plants? Behind my NEIGHBORS yard and all her trees and bushes behind her fence BUTT up to her fence..... for me, I have my fence 5 feet in from my property line (always do that) and have KILLED all brush in that 5 feet so the brush and trees behind MY YARD which then is in Community property won't touch my fence or plants....... It looks nice to me and if it overtakes all the brush behind my fence (remember, 5 feet back!), then for ME it looks nice, and I'm hoping NO HARM. ????

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    • Jim Ginas Jim Ginas on Aug 23, 2013
      @The Garden Frog with C Renee ok, so I'll probably do that Sunday after Mass. Thanks!

  • Sandra R Sandra R on Aug 23, 2013
    Looks like what we have. it is hanging from an oak tree waiting to hang onto something. it has choked back smaller plants and bushes. we just keep pulling it out or cutting back. We are in FL also.

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    • Jim Ginas Jim Ginas on Aug 23, 2013
      @The Garden Frog with C Renee I'm generally ONLY in a bad mood after my wife wakes up! Actually, I try to have the attitude that I am happy just to wake up and after that, anything that happens in the day is easy to deal with! Waking up is my only concern!

  • Glenna Kennedy Glenna Kennedy on Aug 23, 2013
    If virginia creeper is anything like grapevine, yes it will kill trees, plants just takes over and is hard to get rid of.

  • Judy Judy on Aug 23, 2013
    I had virginia creeper on one corner of my house a long time ago & as long as I managed to keep it under control it was a pretty plant with beautiful fall color.

  • Anne Jorgensen Anne Jorgensen on Aug 23, 2013
    if you follow it back to where it is coming up, why cant you cut it at the roots then either pull it up or dig it up no matter what it is....

    • @Anne Jorgensen if I understand your question, the answer would be that most vines~Va creeper, ivy, and other ground covers can root by stems touching the ground. if you cut it off and leave it the vine could continue to grow. Ivy does this and I have had VA creeper do the same. I have spray VA creeper without pulling it up to have it come right back. Dig or pull up the roots is important or spraying what is left at the base. but propagation for these invasive vines happens by runners and shoots from the vine itself.

  • Deanna Riles-Cox Deanna Riles-Cox on Aug 23, 2013
    Look up pictures of Virginia creeper look at the images 5 leaflets form each leaf.