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Caley's Culinaries
by Caley's Culinaries
Cilantro doesn't like heat. If you how it paired up with tomatoes, salsa and Mexican food, you are a greater foodie gardener than me! But i CAN grow cilantro!
The real secret to cilantro is timing. It will suffer along into summer as a stringy mess making you think you have mistreated it. But unless you live in Wisconsin or British Columbia, you are not the problem. In the South our cilantro months are September until May. Here's the skinny! -
Start with a small cluster of seeds. Cover them with vermiculite and keep them wet until they sprout.
There are two embryos in each seed. Water them when they wilt. Give them as much sun as possible but try to keep them below 80 degrees.
When the cilantro looks like it does in the grocery store, cut what you need, leaving about an inch above to soil line. This will preserve the inner growth. The new growth comes from the center like a dandelion.
When a stalk starts to form in the center, your cilantro has entered old age. Use it. Dry it. Whatever you are going to do with it, now is the time!
When the leaves get feathery and flowers form, you have done your job. The cilantro is completing it's life cycle. Good work!
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