Seed Storage for a Master Gardener or Novice

by Jen
2 Materials
I have been in search for a VERY long time for the BEST way to store my seeds. I think I FINALLY have the answer!
First I tried the cheap photo album was okay..but could be a pain.
And I also used the empty coffee cans ALONG with the albums..even tried sorting by flowers and food
While at a quick Goodwill stop, I found this file box for 99 cents. If it didnt work it wouldn't be a total loss
I'm a pack rat, and had index cards that weren't being used (for like 10 years they weren't being used!) Got out my paper cutter and cut them to the size I wanted.
Even the odd size packets would fit! YES!!!
So from ALL of this.....I found I really wasnt out of lettuce or cilantro seeds like I thought...
EVERYTHING!!! And I mean everything with room for plenty more in one convenient system! Label me one very happy gardener!!! All in one spot :-)

**** I was originally looking for an old plastic cassette box....but VERY happy I found this!
Suggested materials:
  • Cardboard File Box   (Goodwill)
  • Index cards   (already had!)
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  • Nicolette Spargo Nicolette Spargo on Mar 24, 2017
    Awesome idea! Great way to stay organized and keep track of what you have :)

    • Jen Jen on Mar 25, 2017
      thank you! I have been on the search for some better way to do this for some time! Now I also know i DONT need anymore carrot seeds!!!

  • FrazzledMommy FrazzledMommy on Aug 03, 2021

    This is genius. I started trying to tape the packets to a gardening notebook but now I can’t write comfortably on the pages and it’s too thick. But this is PERFECT. Thank you for the great idea