Start Seeds Like a Pro

Caley's Culinaries
by Caley's Culinaries
There ARE some things that professional growers do that you can do at home to increase your chances of success growing seeds this Spring.
Pros have a specail heating pad for seeds, but you can heat them from the bottom by putting them on the dryer.
Watch closely for signs of life, them start treating them like plants instead of keeping them wet.
Cover them with vermiculite and something to hold in the moisture like another tray.
Get them into as much light and sun as possible. Winter sun is so weak, the plants need every bit plus more if possible.
The larger container used, the longer they can stay in it. I keep mine in small containers and transplant them as soon as the rootball will hold together. A long time in containers means a lot of time to make mistakes.
Here is the same basil in the garden and ready to harvest.
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  • Heidi K Davis Heidi K Davis on May 14, 2017
    I have 2 portable electric heaters that has oil inside. I put a large ceramic tile on top and then put my start tray on top of that. I also have above one a metal wall shelf unit... since heat rises this gives me a nice warm spot to move the trays to once they sprouted.

  • RC Leach RC Leach on Oct 16, 2020

    HI, Lots of good ideas, but I only wash clothes once a week, so there is no warmth from my washer, except then, and it's a top loader. My dryer is only warm once a week too. I think that a window sill on a south facing window would help more, or if you can find an old window, or piece of glass or clear plastic, put your seeds under it, outside, and bank the soil up around the edges.