Starting My Spring Garden

4 Materials
30 Minutes

It is time to start my seeds inside, let me show you how I get everything started.

Since our weather conditions limit us from planting outdoors, I am starting my seeds inside to give me plenty of harvesting time.

Please note that depending on where you live and what your weather conditions are will depend on when you should plant outside or start inside.

As you can see I am starting my tomato seeds inside early.

I am taking a stack of red plastic cups and using a drill bit to drill holes on the bottom of the cups for drainage, you can see here that I am keeping the holes next to the edge of the cup, since that will be the lowest stop on the cup.

Here is a closer pic for you to see what I am talking about, can you see how the center of the cup set down. I don’t want my drilled holes there because that won’t be the lowest point.

Now is the fun part, planting!

I have filled my cups with soil about half way and then I added 2-3 seeds and covered the top of the cup with plastic wrap aka Saran Wrap (unfortunately I forgot to get a picture of that) 🤦🏻‍♀️

I put my cups on a shoe tray so I can move them around easier, and I start them on my heater vent, the plants will sprout pretty quickly on the heater vents.

Once your seeds have sprouted you will want to take off the plastic wrap, and continue to care for them until it is time to harden them off outside.

As you can see here I have used what cups I had on hand, so some of them are plastic and some are the paper type, I would highly recommend the plastic type because they won’t go soggy on you and they have been much easier for me to remove the plant from once the time comes to transfer into the ground.

Happy planting my friends, I hope this has helped inspire you to start your own garden this year.

Suggested materials:
  • Cups   (Pantry had on hand)
  • Drill and drill bit   (Had on hand)
  • Soil   (Hardware store)
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