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Those of you who may have seen Flakes the Snowman and wondered, "cute, but what about the rest of the year?" I got it covered!!!! So start your Flakes now. I know SOME people may think "Will look nice next to the scrap cars missing wheels beside the trailer home." but those of us with a sense of whimsy will see the light!

For those of us in South Carolina - now is the time to plant your taters. So plant them I did. icon

I have taken apart the "top" of Flakes from the bottom.   Got myself some good organic garden soil with organic fertilizer (that's the Politically Correct term for poop), some potatoes and my spade.   Why do I use organic soil?  Many reasons. 
1)As much as people want to say Miracle Gro is the top dog in soil/fertilizers, ask yourself this, how many people have you heard who's kids did a science project comparing the growth using Miracle Gro vs other fertilizers?  Hate to say it, my kids did it, twice, two different years.  Result?  Plain old tap water was the best in our projects. 
2)Miracle Gro is much more expensive.  (My kids science experiment proved to me the added expense is not worth it.
3)I don't like chemicals.  (again, the kids experiment proved to me they're not worth it)
4)I have always had the best results with my organic vs Miracle Gro.

For those of you making your own Flakes, or if you want to do something similar, I don't screw the bottom two tires together - only the top two.  The weight of the dirt holds the bottom two tires in place and no snake worries.   icon

So - if you're starting out from scratch - grab two car tires, clean well, paint however you desire, stack them in the yard, and now you're up to speed!

Fill the very bottom tire with your dirt.  No need to "prep" your lawn.  We just give it a very short mow with the lawn mower, place the tires, then fill tires with dirt.    Make sure you push the dirt into the outer part of the tire.  If you don't - you will suffer a collapse eventually.  icon

Fill to the very top of the bottom tire, but not as high as the 2nd tire.  Once your sure you have spread the dirt completely through the tire and have the dirt as high as the bottom tire, place your taters (as shown). 

If you are using your Flakes, you can do the same with his "neck".   It won't yield as much, but then, not as much dirt to relocate either.  Waste not - want not!   Come winter, no big deal, other gardens will need a fill of dirt.  (REUSE! RECYCLE!  YES!!!)

Same thing as above, fill throughout the tire only until the very top of the bottom tire. 

Once my taters were placed, fil the top tire completely to the inner rim (as shown).  Water well then water per potato recommendations.  

This is a Ladybug I planted my taters in last year, just dug out the dirt, placed my taters, recovered the taters, watered and they're ready to go!   I don't know about you - but I sure love homegrown taters!!!  This 1 Ladybug produced about 20 pounds in one grow last year.  Great - but my husband LOVES taters.  Now you see the need for Flakes?  He should yield me the same amount.  Even the little one will be a great add! 

Before you think that's all for Flakes....guess again.  He's got another job coming in the fall!  Keep checking in and see!

What are you waiting for?  Go grow and be whimsy!

Updated pictures of one month growth below!


Go here to see Flakes the Friendly Ghost - he's a Man for All Seasons!
One month later - you can see two sprouts coming out of Flakes' bottom. Plenty more will come.
Flakes' neck is doing great! (also at one month)
And here is my ladybug one month later. Can't wait for taters!
Just harvested! 11 pounds of taters! What a fantastic job Flakes does! :D

Got about 6 pounds out of Leeloo the Ladybug. I love repurposing!!!
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  • Flakes the Snowman   (Jan's Garden Art)
  • Organic dirt
  • Potatoes
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