I have grass and seeds in my gardens.

by Ter21627926
I tried the card board and newspaper idea. It didn't
work. Now what do I do? I'm older and it's hard for
me to get on the knees.

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jul 03, 2018
    did you use heavy landscape fabric along with the newspaper and cardboard?

  • Barbara C Barbara C on Jul 03, 2018
    Get a weed killer spray-on like Roundup.Be careful and don't spray anything you want to keep.Roundup will go into the roots and not affect the ground,but weeds should die in a few days.You won't need to get on your knees.

  • 1401470 1401470 on Jul 03, 2018
    You can hoe them out so you don't have to get on your hands and knees. Here's the thing weed seeds fly in the air and sometimes get delivered by birds and other creatures of the land. So with that being said there is no amazing trick to get rid of them permanently. However there are a few things you can do to decrease them like growing in tall raised beds. You'll have fewer weeds and eventually hardly any at all. Thick layers of mulch will also keep the weeds to a minimum.

    Sharing some ideas that may help as far as raised beds and if this isn't an option check hoss tools for some really great garden hoes.

  • Joanna - Gingham Gardens Joanna - Gingham Gardens on Jul 03, 2018
    To minimize weeding chores, I would highly recommend mulching. Here's what I do: first of all I go through and do a good weeding (perhaps you can get some help with this). Then, I sprinkle a pre-emergent product like Preen, around the plants and in any open areas. Then, I add about 3 - 4 inches of shredded mulch. I prefer cypress mulch, but any hardwood mulch works. Good luck and happy gardening!

  • Deb K Deb K on Jul 03, 2018
    You need professional grade landscape fabric, usually available at a garden center

  • Beth Beth on Jul 03, 2018

    Mulch. 4” deep. That will stop most weeds. Do not use cypress mulch. It will kill your plants.