Asked on Jun 03, 2018

Sometimes a simple thing makes one so happy!

Jeanette S
by Jeanette S
This part of the country has been having so many storms, rain, fluctuating temperatures, etc., making this a very difficult spring. Everything seems to be stunted and just now waking up (now that it is damp and steamy)!

My yard has been planted for weeks and still looks stunted! But the grass is finally greening up! I looked down and suddenly noticed it needed mowing. But alas, the rain showers were coming every day.

I was scheduled to get it mowed yesterday, but when I got up it was already wet! But we were lucky that the sun came out and dried it out enough to be mowed! Things are looking better, slowly but surely!!!

My yard looks so bare without my trees that had to come down after damaged by Irma!

q sometimes a simple thing makes one so happy
That dead spot in the border grass and slightly beyond is where hubs was testing the weed killer sprayer to see if he had it fixed. DUH! I had to least he admitted it...said he was just not thinking about what was in the sprayer.
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