Asked on Jun 27, 2012

Where can I find easy free-standing planter box PLANS to go under this window?

Christopher G
by Christopher G
The window is 64' wide. There's not much yard to this home, but some flower beds in toward the front. Would like to 'nice it up' a bit. I am very novice about this. I would like to build the boxes, but need a starting point.
where can i find easy planter box plans to go under this window, flowers, gardening
where can i find easy planter box plans to go under this window, flowers, gardening
where can i find easy planter box plans to go under this window, flowers, gardening
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  • Your garden centers at the Big box stores will sell both the brackets and the planters. They come in various sizes. Install is a snap with a small drill, and good screw drivers. They sell the brackets to fit the type of planters you decide to use. One thing to remember. I did the same to my house and fastened them a bit to high. The top of the planter was even with my window sill. Looked great but every time I watered the plants, I sprayed some dirt onto the sill area. So just be sure to keep them down two or three inches below the window sill. In your case just under the trim and you will be fine!

  • Christopher G Christopher G on Jun 27, 2012
    Thank you Woodbridge...I was thinking of something freestanding. I also need a hobby, so building one is part of what I was wanting. Thanks.

  • Lori J Lori J on Jun 27, 2012
    I found large rectangular pots intended for a deck at a big box store for 9.95 each. They were notched for either a 2x6, 2x4 or 4x4. I installed heavy duty shelf brackets and then mounted a 4x4 across the brackets. Made very nice window boxes, but I wanted more and boxed them in with shutters. All lumber was recycled and I spent 50 cents each on the shutters.

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jun 28, 2012
    Very creative solution, Lori.

  • Lori J Lori J on Jun 28, 2012
    Thanks, Douglas. I had some wire baskets that hooked over the sills of the windows, but did not like the damage they were causing to the sills. It is a pretty rustic shed (this part is a lean to addition to a garage originally built for a model T), but it is sturdy and water tight. Do no damage is my motto.

  • Carol S Carol S on Jun 28, 2012
    You can key in How to " ", in you search window. I don't know if you are up for these ideas, but here goes. Look for a second hand, yet sturdy picnic bench, then put four planks on top to form the box. Painted cynder blocks can be used to build and plant in as well. Just be sure you have a level wide base to start with so nothing topples over. I have seen many people used old bicycles w/ baskets, antique craddles w/ insert, old work benches, sidebars to wrot iron stands for fish tanks . Have fun and be sure to post and tell ( :

  • Jean Thompson Jean Thompson on Jan 04, 2015
    Free standing: Chairs or Stools of Different Heights would add interest with colorful Flowers and flowering Vine plants... or a Ladder of Plants Or Plants on the Table under the Window and a couple Chairs where you could actually Sit outside .Some big urns or Buckets painted in Bright Colors with Plants in them spaced around the Patio area along the edges...

  • KKhomebody KKhomebody on Nov 03, 2016
    The vertical gardens I have seen everywhere that are planted in a shipping pallet that is standing upright against the wall would look great and wouldn't take up a lot of floor space.

  • KKhomebody KKhomebody on Nov 03, 2016
    Vertical growing example pic