'Fourth of July™' | Roses That Speak To America

Gaga's Garden - Susan Fox
by Gaga's Garden - Susan Fox
Did you know there are roses with patriotic names that are beautiful, strong and hardy that speak to the heart of America? 'Fourth of July™', a Weeks Rose, hybridized by Carruth - 1999 is a climbing rose, with canes 10'-14' high and large semi-double blooms that are red striped with bright white. You can have a colorful, fun, red | white | and blue rose garden. In the rose world, lavender roses are known as "the blues." So here we go. Start with 'Fourth of July™' for America the beautiful. 'John F. Kennedy' and or 'Peace' will be our whites | 'Mr. Lincoln' and 'Veterans Honor' are our statesman and our red roses | then lets plant 'Blue Angel' for our blues. For fireworks and the wonderful splash of color 'Fourth of July™' Makes it a celebration that speaks to the heart of America in roses named for our heros and of 'Peace' and a fly-over of the 'Blue Angels' The Rose is the national emblem for America the beautiful
'Fourth of July' | A Climbing Rose
Here's another picture of 'Fourth of July™' with a bee. Everyone is concerned about bees. Did you know roses are great for attracting pollinators?
'Fourth of July™' with a Bee #pollinator #Bee
'Mr. Lincoln' is a hybrid tea rose. You can find it at most garden centers. It's an old stand by. It's easily available across the country and if you live in Illinois it's a must have.
Mr. Lincoln from Gaga's garden in Illinois
'Peace' is another patriotic favorite that people love. It is a beautiful classic rose.
Peace, Hybrid Tea
'Veteran's Honor' is an intense red rose that everyone loves.
Veteran's Honor, Hybrid tea
Many Roses that are lavender or purplish in color are called 'blues'. Look at the shades of the rose garden, it takes on Red | White | and Blue hues. Have a Safe Happy 4th of July from Gaga's Rose Garden
Red | White | and Blue Shades
Peace Rose and The Flag
'Peace' is another great choice for every rose garden as an elegant white-ish hybrid tea rose. Its easy to locate at Independent Garden Centers and Big Box Retailers. As long as I have a rose garden, I will have a place to plant a 'Peace' rose in it for what it symbolizes and its beauty.
'Blue Angel' good for a blue shade
'Blue Angel' is perfect for the blue-ish color and for America's Blue Angels. Happy 'Fourth of July™' America.
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  • Helen, 'Scentimental' Weeks Rose hybridized by Carruth 1997 is still available its Burgundy swirled with creamy while. Carruth same hybridizer came up with Fourth of July in 1999 parantage 'Roller Coaster' and 'Altissimo' this rose can get 10'-14' high :) @Douglas Hunt

  • Tanya, Lots of roses were lost. If I were you I would buy another 'Mr. Lincoln' and plant it deeper. Be sure the bud union, 'crown' of the rose is below ground, in your zone it can be up to 4 inches then in the winter protect your roses with mulch, alfalfa hay and soil. Read this Web site for winter protection tips. He is the best guy I know that knows how to grow roses in the cold and he is a good friend of mine. I trust his advice on roses. His name is Jack Falker. He also know Deb Kaiser who is doing research as well on covering roses with construction blankets in the winter which after last winter I am considering doing this coming winter. www.http://jack-rosarian.blogspot.com/ @Douglas Hunt