6 Proven Tips For Growing The Biggest, Healthiest Rose Blooms Ever!

Roses are seriously some of the prettiest flowers on earth! A super dreamy flower, symbolizing love or celebrations. They are always the most popular bouquet to give to someone too!
What I love most about roses is how unexpected their blooms actually are. The plant itself isn’t that pretty. The leaves are scarce and the stem is full of thorns, but the flower is unsurpassed!
I started out growing roses nine years ago now in a pot on my balcony in California. It grew about three or four foot tall and made the biggest, most beautiful blooms. I was so proud of that plant! When we moved back to Texas, it made it through one winter, then died. Our weather is way more harsh than it was in California. Since then, I have grown them in all types of pots and I have them all over my yard.
I have found some really great chemist tips over the years that really keep your roses looking healthy, vivid, and continually blooming all season. I was lucky enough to study horticulture in college which really helped me pick up some tips. Growing flowers is definitely a science!
P.S – Don’t have a yard? No problem, these work for potted plants too! Be sure to check out my patio/container tab for more inspiration!
Here are my Chemist Solutions: Six Tips for Making Your Rose Blooms Big, Beautiful, and Healthy All Season Long.
Tip One. Trim Often!

Pruning is something that should be done in early spring. If you missed that, don’t worry! Trimming is still key to get them to continue to produce flowers all season. Trimming sparks new growth in a rose bush, but make sure you do it correctly. Read my how to trim a rose post (link in blog) for all the details to make sure you do it properly. It won’t hurt your rose bush if you don’t do it 100% correct, but it will hinder it from produces healthy, new growth!

In my fall garden checklist, I mentioned my thoughts on winter pruning. Depending on your location, many experts recommend NOT to prune in the fall because it does cause the rose to grow and that isn’t what you want before winter. In Texas, I always prune lightly in early spring. Some years, I will do a heavy prune, but I really concentrate on trimming properly every few weeks during the blooming season. That is the best, surefire way to keep them blooming!
Tip Two: Keep Off Black Spots!

Black spotting isn’t a huge deal usually in Texas, but the last few years we have had so much rain, it keeps the soil moist for long periods of time. This produces that dreaded fungal disease, black spots. I have been using these black spot tips for over a year (link in blog), and it has kept the spotting down to just a few leaves occasionally. Always remove leaves that show any sign of black spots!

Tip Three: Coffee Grounds!

Another amazing chemical for your roses is coffee. Coffee grounds are full of nitrogen which is very important for the soil. Roses love neutral or acidic soil, so the addition of nitrogen is perfect. I save my grounds, let them dry a bit, then sprinkle them on the base of the rose.

You can also add it to a compost pile you have which will further enrich the soil. I just keep it simple though and sprinkle a bit on after I use my french press 🙂

Be careful not to add too much though! It can backfire and hurt the roses!
Above is a quick before and after of my climbing rose bush. These pictures don't do it justice! It has grown so big and full, we have had to install an arbor in the yard, in addition to the trellis.

Want to grow big, beautiful roses the easy way? Feel free to visit my blog below for tips 4, 5 and 6 with some additional chemist information! I love growing plants the easy, no fuss way!
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