Starting Over | Creating A Country Rose Garden

Gaga's Garden - Susan Fox
by Gaga's Garden - Susan Fox
Essentially each of us has had the difficult task of starting over. It can be hard to start over, or it can be an opportunity to get things the way we want them to be. Starting over can also be fun and exciting. Leaving my Texas garden behind with over 200 roses resulted in a grieving process. The best way to recover was to start a new rose garden. After having my garden featured in the Plano Texas Profile Magazine, The Dallas Rose Society chose that garden to receive the coveted Elizabeth Ferguson Large Garden Award. As well as being on the Plano Garden Club’s tour of “Our Favorite Gardens,”now residing in Illinois, I decided to re-create rose gardens out in the country. As a dedicated consulting rosarian I thought we could learn together and I would write about the process as I built the rose gardens. I also planned to create all new rose gardens in stages. This is the first garden. It’s called the 'Floribunda Rose Garden.' Why Floribundas? Because Floribunda roses are unrivaled in providing massive, colorful, long-lasting garden displays.Floribundas also have rapid bloom cycles and profusion of blooms. Enough said.Here’s my country garden make-over.
After | Floribunda Rose Garden in its spring bloom cycle, planted as bare root roses except for first rose you see Gene Boerner. This is the view from the South. #springgardening #roses #illinos #rsa #rural
Floribunda Rose Garden view from the North with Iceberg featured for its hardiness and beauty at night as a white rose to "frame" the garden. #springgardening #roses #gardening #flowers #beauty
Before | Floribunda Rose Garden. This is how the rose bed looked before it was planted. #springgardening #roses #
Newly planted Floribunda Rose Garden #roses #gardening #illinois #springgardening
View from the North of the new Floribunda rose garden. #springgardening
Shakespeare says it best. #springgardening #shakespeare
Floribunda Rose Garden featuring Gene Boerner #roses #spring #springgardening
Glowing as if fluorescent Floribunda Country Rose Garden in Bloom. #springgardening #bloom #illinois #roses
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  • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Mar 12, 2014
    Thank you Susan for taking the time to comment. I have researched a lot and I know that it's caused by mites and it's fatal ! With so many roses still around town that obviously are affected by this stuff I'm just not sure I want to spend the $$ to get more roses at this time. Calloway's had advised me to remove the diseased ones and tightly seal them in bags so as not to spread the disease. I just don't know if this hard winter we've had might have killed off these blasted mites or not !!! :^) I do love the pictures of your gardens. They are beautiful !!!

  • Teresa Byington Teresa Byington on Apr 11, 2014
    Beautiful roses Susan!