They stake their young trees

Protect your newly planted trees before the harsh weather comes. Get tutorial here

They remove any dead growth and debris

Dead leaves and plants will rot in the cold weather and will cause crowding in the springtime. Get tutorial here

They cover their ponds with a net

Covering up any water feature in your backyard will prevent a leaf buildup during fall. Get tutorial here

They start prepping for next spring

Plan out what you want in your garden next summer to get an early jump on it. Get tutorial here

They add mulch to reduce weeds

It also keeps your soil warm as the cold weather seeps in. Get tutorial here

They start planting seeds

Start your garden by planting seeds in the winter; it’s much cheaper than buying seedlings in spring. Get tutorial here

They put away their pots and plants

To prevent cracks, put your pots in a garage, or wrap them in a thermal blanket. Get tutorial here