Shabby Chic Pallet Herb Planter

Kathleen J
by Kathleen J
This shabby chic multiple level herb planter is constructed using an oak pallet. The individual wood boxes are lined with Tar Building Paper to protect the wood. The individual clay pots are hand painted and then coated with polycrylic - they are removable to allow for easy harvesting.
Shabby Chic Oak Pallet multiple level herb planter - is self standing or can be mounted on a fence
Each trough is lined with tar roofing paper
The pots are easily removed and other pots can be added if needed
The clay pots here are drilled so they can hang on the pallet
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  • Sonja Belanger Sonja Belanger on May 08, 2013
    Can you post how you broke the pallet apart and how you made the legs for it? It's goregous!

  • Kathleen J Kathleen J on May 08, 2013
    This pallet, was not broken apart at all. I added the "extra" pieces I needed from dismantled pallets. All it requires is two horizontal extra pieces added to the middle section (front and back) and then you need to cut pieces to add the bottom to each trough (6 pieces total) I screwed the 8 total pieces that need to be added to this pallet to make the horizontal garden troughs and the "left over" pieces from cutting the bottoms - I chose two of the longest pieces to make the balancing legs. I then cut four pieces 11" long and cut in a hole to hold the four smaller pots with a 3" electric hole saw. No waste what-so-ever. I used a wrecking bar (the broad and flat tipped kind) to dismantle the pallets I was using for parts. Hope that helps. Kathleen.