Simple Birdcage Succulent Planter

by Ekta
15 Minutes
Every weekend I try to engage myself in fun gardening projects with basically anything that's lying around in the house. I wanted to transform a birdcage into something interesting. And what could have made it prettier than some gorgeous succulents!
Check out this video to see how I turn a simple birdcage into a planter for my balcony or read the step by step guide below to make one for yourself!
For this project you can also use non succulents just remember to choose shallow rooted planter otherwise you will have to shift the plants out of the arrangement, soon.
I used a small polybag to line the cage and stapled it with a 2" wide jute cloth to hide the polybag.
As the cage planter had no drainage holes. I used an inch-deep layer of pebbles which acts as a reservoir for extra water. This protects the succulent roots from rotting, if one happens to add too much water.
On top of the pebbles, I added an inch-deep layer of soil. You can use any kind of potting mix for growing succulents as long as you ensure that the mix is not high on clay, as clay holds the water for a longer period of time and the succulents don't like that.
I added some gorgeous succulents such as sedums and Echeverias to this setup. For inserting the roots, you could use any pointed stick- I used the end of a paint brush.
I added some polished stones to fill the gaps and give a finishing touch to the arrangement.
This arrangement can grow well without any maintenance for about 6 months or more, depending on the selection of the succulents. I intentionally chose slow growing succulents. In about six months time I will have to remove a couple of plants to make space for roots.
Quick tip: Water judiciously! I water only when the soil has dried in the top half inch depth (its usually once a week).

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