Succulent Terrarium Centerpiece

Jonathan Sallach
by Jonathan Sallach
I love the look of using multiple terrariums with different shaped glass together. Not only does this add interest but it also allows me to make sure that I match plants with similar needs (water, sunlight, soil depth) together to keep them healthy and happy! I also must note that because of their demand for sunlight, it is not realistic to think that your terrariums will thrive in the location that you have picked based on your interior design. For my terrariums, I generally keep them in a window where they get plenty of direct sunlight (remember, most succulents are dessert plants) and move them to the perfect spot when I am preparing for company, or just want to enjoy the finished look when cleaning. I always move them to their "happy place" afterwards.
This group really highlights what we love to do here at Geek Gardens. The terrarium glass is a collection of pieces from all different sources. The small tube glass came from a thrift shop, the largest glass was a random clearance purchase, and the middle terrarium glass was so awesome we just couldn’t wait to plant it!
Succulents are so amazing because of all the different textures and varieties of the plants. This terrarium features crassula perforata, sempervivum, and graptosedum. With plenty of sunlight, all three plants “blush” with the same deep redish purple color.
The larger terrarium contains sempervivum, golden sedum, crassula gollum, and crassula capitella. A few considerations were made with this terrarium. The sedum and crassula capitella are young plants and will grow considerably and we wanted to make sure that they had room to flourish in the terrarium. Additionally, in the summer all but the sempervivum will blush in a bright red color and return to deep greens in the fall and winter. The changes in colors increases their interest year round!
Jonathan Sallach
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