Teacups and Succulents

Ana Bacallao
by Ana Bacallao
2 Materials
30 Minutes
Once upon a time I collected bone china teacups. I reently thinned out the collection and kept a box of them knowing I would use them for something soon. With Mother’s Day around the corner, I decided to use them to plant pretty little succulents to give to some friends. The first thing I did was to hot glue the cups to the saucer, I forgot to take a picture of this step. Update - I think using a strong glue like E6000 might keep it together longer.

My little stash from Home Depot.
The next step was to put pebbles at the bottom of each teacup for drainag.i had some around which I used.
Little pebbles.
This is the dirt I used, cactus/succulent mix.
I poured some into a small bowl to make it easy to maneuver with a small spoon.
Next I added enough dirt to the level I needed for each plant. I took the plant out of its plastic pot and placed in the middle. With the spoon I added enough dirt to steady the plant and fill around it. That‘s it, done!
I had some plants left over so using the same technique I placed them in a square glass florist vase. I’ll keep this one for me.
Water/spray gingerly once a week,
Suggested materials:
  • Succulenrs   (Home depot)
  • Teacups   (Already had)
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