10 Great Friends: Veggie Garden Companion Plants

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by The Garden Stamp
Don't leave your tomatoes hanging around defenseless. Plant a few of these great companions right beside them to repel detrimental insects. Our top ten favorites are included below. For more information - check the veggie, herb and flower compatibility of 44 common plants: www.gardenstamp.com/guides.html
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Don't leave your tomatoes hanging around defenseless. Plant a few of these great companions to help your veggies fend off insects.
1. Basil. Helps repel thrips, flies and mosquitos. Excellent companion for tomatoes and peppers.
2. Sage. Repels cabbage moths and flea beetles. Flowers are great for attracting bees and other beneficial insects.
3. Lemon Catnip. Brew tea from its leaves and spray on plants to drive away flea beetles.
4. Lemon Balm. Citronella compounds in its leaves do a wonderful job of repelling insects. Safe to rub on your skin as an organic mosquito repellent.
5. Sweet Alyssum. Attracts hoverflies (enemy of aphids) and bees.
6. Scented marigolds keep the soil free of nematodes and attract beneficial insects like ladybugs.
7. Nasturtiums make a great barrier around tomato plants, deterring squash bugs and trapping aphids. Nasturtium leaves and flowers are edible, making them a great addition to salads.
8. Geraniums repel cabbage worms and Japanese beetles.
9. Petunias repel leafhoppers, aphids, tomato worms. Like catnip, tea brewed from its leaves can be sprayed on your plants as an organic insecticide.
10. Rosemary repels bean beetle, cabbage fly, cabbage moth and carrot fly.
10. Mints deter white cabbage moths, ants, flea beetles, fleas and aphids. Make your own mint mulch and add to beets, giving them the benefits without the danger of invasive mint roots.
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  • Mary Young Mary Young on May 12, 2019

    We've plant our first veggie garden ever this year (about time - I'm 68 years old!!). These tips are great and I'm going to rearrange many of the potted plants I already have to take advantage of their benefits to my garden! Thanks so much for posting this.

  • Benesse Benesse on Jan 30, 2020

    A wonderful, useful post. So inspired, I can't wait to try some combinations. Thank you so much!