In the posts that I made here on HT five days ago about the smaller bird feeders (peanut and NIGER respectively), I mentioned that I initially hung them from hooks that I had adhered to one of my urban hedges, and I stated that I would put an entry up about what urban hedges are, and provide some information on different types of them that have worked well in my garden.

If one lives in a city, were close quarters are the norm, it is difficult to have privacy in a garden (or at least mine), and in order to achieve some, I installed some urban hedges. (BTW, the term "urban hedge," was coined by yours truly upon my finding humor in Benjamin Franklin's words of wisdom, "Love thy neighbor — but don't pull down your hedge. ")
Even during my earliest year as an urban gardener, I felt compelled to create some privacy; for the building where I have my garden is "squished" in between two buildings.
Image one which is below shows my very first urban hedge: flowers planted in window boxes atop a set of bamboo shelves. To the left of this "structure" and behind my terrace's railing, is the bathroom window of a neighbor, who tended to be an exhibitionist, hence an immediate need for me to create a "barrier" with a an urban hedge!
This particular urban hedge even survived a few winters, in spite of heavy snowfall, which is indicated in image two. (FYI: Bamboo is great to use if you want construct a durable — weather resistant — fairly long lasting urban hedge.)
But since all good things (even the durability of bamboo) do come to an end, I eventually replaced the three-shelved hedge with an old piano bench that could serve two purposes: I could store garden tools inside of it, and use the top for tall plants (such as the Echinacea triplets (seen here in image three).
I would not recommend this as rain and snow leaked into the bench and rusted my too;s but the image of the Echinacea triplets was rendered into a beautiful greeting card which may be viewed @ http://www.patriciayoungquist.com/Pages/store/notes_ac.html
And so, I went back to using bamboo for my third go round of urban-hege-shelving; but this time, I made my shelving higher for more privacy and less wide for more floor space in my garden (image four). This bamboo urban hedge also lasted only a couple of years and when I replaced it, I used a structure which is more durable (images four and five).
A few of my visiting birds have enjoyed people watching from the top shelf of the aforementioned hedge (images seven and eight).

The second type of urban hedge that I have in my garden is located a bit north of the shelving-style hedge.This one is a bamboo trellis and it is a hedge variety which can sustain the weight of the small bird feeders (mentioned in the first paragraph) when they are adhered to it with a hook, and I'll post about the trellis-style urban hedge in part two of this series.
Featured in a post on Blogger @ http://www.thelastleafgardener.com/2010/03/cards-that-are-more-than-communication.html
This image with a "back story" is on TLLG's Blogger @ http://www.thelastleafgardener.com/2010/02/engaging-conversations.html AS WELL AS @ http://www.thelastleafgardener.com/2011/12/if-its-tuesday-it-must-be-tumblr-week_13.html
This image has been rendered into a greeting card that is suitable for framing! INFO @ http://www.patriciayoungquist.com/Pages/store/notes_ac.html#echin3
Featured in a post on Blogger @ http://www.thelastleafgardener.com/2010/09/last-saturday-of-summer-2010.html
HT: "Lucas Shelving" 2012. Shelving Back Story @ http://www.thelastleafgardener.com/2013/01/another-year-over-and-new-one-just_9.html
HT: "Lucas Shelving" 2013. Shelving Back Story @ http://www.thelastleafgardener.com/2013/01/another-year-over-and-new-one-just_9.html
Mourning Doves are people watchers! He/she is STARING into my neighbor's window (from atop the highest shelf in my Lucas hedge structure, but the exhibitionist no longer lives there)! More info on this delightful bird @ http://ww
Like the mourning dove, the house finch enjoys an urban hedge for his favorite pass time: People Watching as he stares shamelessly into windows! INFO on finches @ http://www.thelastleafgardener.com/search/label/Finches AS WELL AS @
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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  • Catherine Smith Catherine Smith on Aug 17, 2013
    What an amazing use of small space! You sir, are a shining example of what can do, with a little planning and creativity. Good job!