Grow Spinach Indoors in Winter

by ImaginAcres
We grew spinach in window boxes indoors all winter long. It's so easy anyone can succeed at it!
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  • Catherine Smith Catherine Smith on Dec 03, 2013
    We use them to start seed germination for next year's veggies. I save a lot of seed from each year's planting. I grow mainly heirloom varieties of tomatoes, so the seed comes true every time. However, I've discovered the saved seeds seem to adapt and grow better. Best guess is they are already acclimatized to our soil and environment. We use standard florescent tube like bulbs. One hot and one cold, they work just as well as the fancy grow lights, but they are relatively inexpensive. I have most of my "equipment" in our spare bedroom. We use it rather like a poor man's greenhouse. Just block the one window during the winter when we have the grow lights going longer. We have them on a timer, which works super. We also keep our vermicomposting tubs tucked under the table I use for potting etc. It's way cool I have enough room on the bottom shelves to put in things like herbs and spinach and get good growth and have fresh all winter. It's really nice.

  • ImaginAcres ImaginAcres on Dec 04, 2013
    Wow, your set up sounds amazing!! I'm going to have to look into those florescent grow lights, I've been starting seeds in our sun porch but it doesn't work that well. Thanks for sharing your tips!

    • Catherine Smith Catherine Smith on Dec 05, 2013
      @ImaginAcres No problem, glad to help. You can also use Christmas lights as a heat mat. I set my seed trays on top of a clear plastic 3" tub with the lights underneath. It works like a charm. I do garden on the cheap. LOL You do want to sent those lights up on a chain or some type of system where you can raise and lower the lights. Some types of seed more intense light than others. Your local extension office should have info on that. Information about growing in a greenhouse will normally answer questions like that.