How to Freeze Zucchini

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Extend your summer garden by freezing garden fresh zucchini to use later!

When zucchini decides to make its appearance in the garden, it comes in fast. Just a few zucchini plants can turn into mounds of zucchini on your countertop. And while this can give you plenty of inspiration for sauteed zucchini and onions, fresh zucchini muffins, and grilled zucchini, you may eventually burn out on zucchini recipes. So, how do you freeze zucchini for use later? It’s easy, so let’s get started!

Step One: Get a large pot of water (unsalted) on to boil. (I love enamel coated cast iron, but if you need something lighter, go for it!) While waiting for the water to boil, go ahead and chop up your zucchini into half inch chunks. This is a great size to use in minestrone in the winter. Once your water has reached a boiling point, drop in your cubed zucchini and let boil for just 2-3 minutes. You’re not trying to cook the zucchini, just kill off those enzymes. 

Step Two: While your zucchini is in the pot, prepare a large bowl of ice water and set to the side. (I love this  HUGE stainless steel bowl for ice baths. It holds a huge amount of veggies and is very light.) Drain your zucchini in a colander and immediately dump into the ice water. Give the zucchini five minutes or so to cool completely in the ice water.

Step Three: Return zucchini to the colander to strain off any excess moisture. While zucchini is draining, go ahead and prepare your  freezer bags or containers by marking with the date. This way, you’ll know just how old the zucchini is and what bag/container you need to use first. If you have a Food Saver System, you can also prepare your bags for vacuum sealing. 

Place bags flat in the freezer, label side up, for easiest storage! This is a great way to have zucchini on hand in the winter for soups and stews!

Suggested materials:
  • Zucchini   (garden)
  • Quart Ziploc Bags   (Amazon)
Courtney |The Kitchen Garten
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