My Sweet Potato Turns to Potato Vine. Yeah!

Anna Ibarra
by Anna Ibarra
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This is the second attempt to grow a sweet potato vine. I tried last year, one in a vase of water. Didn't grow, not sure what I did wrong. The other in a dark place potted in soil, it did take but then I forgot where I potted it once outside. I do have a lot of container plants. oh well.
About a month ago or so, I had a sweet potato that had the sprouts growing, so decided to pot it outside my back door to remember it. ;-D This was an already existing pot that an ivy didn't survived thru the winter. I didn't even do anything except buried the sweet potato.
One week it was still nothing. Then the next week," Wala" after weeks of rain, and more rain. I passed it and did a double take and realized what!!!!!;-O
It was just sprouted like crazy. I am so happy, happy, joy, joy! I am not a big gardener, but I love it and this is what I was so excited about.
YEESSSS! Success! And I this am I notice it has just grown so fast. This is not the am's pic, I didn't take one yet. We get a break this week on rain. Get to go outside. Yeah!
Suggested materials:
  • Sweet potato
  • Already had pot & soil.
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