What is an ideal above ground vegetable garden height?

by Garry
  4 answers
  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Jan 18, 2019

    Low enough for you to reach the center. Depends how wide it is and how tall you are.

  • Carol Prim Carol Prim on Jan 18, 2019

    Are you doing raised beds? It would depend on how much you want to bend over to work in them. If I did a raised bed (at my age) I would like them at a height where if I took a folding chair in between the rows I could sit when I worked in my garden.

  • Dfm Dfm on Jan 18, 2019

    i'm assuming raised garden beds? the roots of a tomato plant can go down 2 feet into the ground. if you are building a bed, that's the depth needed. you can make beds that are at waist ht for ease of not bending over to rend to the plants.

  • JulieMeasures JulieMeasures on Jan 24, 2019

    This can be personal preference. I've done raised beds that were only 6 inches off the ground and others that were waist height. The lower beds were for plants that grew taller, such as tomatoes, while the taller beds grew items like carrots.