Winterize Your Lawn

Amy Lowman
by Amy Lowman
2 Materials
4 Hours

Here are some tips to making sure that your spring is lush and green!

1. Prepare

These items are essential in prepping your lawn for the frozen hell awaiting us. A leaf blower (because no friggin way am I raking all of these), a bucket for sticks and trash with an inspiring message and a can of rockstar, to give me the stamina to carry out the aforementioned slogan.

Now personally, I just blow the front yard leaves onto the neighbors side because unlike Monsanto, they can’t distinguish their leaves from mine.

The backyard leaves go into the pumpkin patch. I grew 6 perfect, petite, white pumpkins from my compost pile this last year and I figure if nothing else works out for me, I can always become a full time pumpkin/gourd farmer.

Step 2. 

After preparing your yard, you will need a lawn spreader and fertilizer. I used Snowman from the Grass Pad, as we all know by their slogan they are “high on grass” and at this point, I felt like being high on anything, sounded like a good idea. Adjust your spreader to whatever the fertilizer package suggests, fill it up and walk it out.

And when the sun doesn’t cooperate and you know tomorrow calls for rain, just pop on a sweet flashlight headband, because not even the dark can stop you from finishing this job or looking hot.

Suggested materials:
  • Leaf blower   (Home Depot)
  • Fertilizer   (Grass Pad)
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