Guide on How to Install Custom Plantation Shutters on a Large Window.

Ishrat Batool
by Ishrat Batool
Decide what kind of shutter you want

Most interior plantation shutters are made of wood, though they now come in a variety of materials, such as composite and vinyl. Irrespective of what material you choose, try buying one that is prefinished. If you buy louvered ones, you would have to spend a lot of time painting them. Adjustable shutters are a great option as you can exercise control over how much light you let inside the room by swiveling the louvers and angling them to increase the privacy.

Measure well before buying

Before you place the order, make sure that you take note of the installation procedures and whether the shutter will be compatible with your large window. Make sure they can easily fit in the designated space without blocking of light. A lot of companies will provide guidelines specific to the measurements. Take measurements several times to be certain you have got it right.

Know where to mount the hinges

Once the style of your shutters is decided, know where to mount the hinges. There are primarily two main options for installing the shutters:

• Frame mounting

• Hinge mounting

Frame mounting is the most straightforward method in which the shutters are built into two, three or four-sided frames that are attached around or into the recess. Frame of the window will need to be of adequate depth so as to accommodate the shutters and their fastenings without cutting the light out. You may be able to find large shutters that fold to rest comfortably and neatly against the surface of the wall.

Hinge mounting is where the hinges of the shutter are directly attached to the jamb or frame of the existing window. With either of the options, you will have to decide whether the shutter is going to be mounted within the recess or around the opening.

Other options for installation of custom plantation shutters include the following:

Direct mount: This is usually used when the jamb is made of wood. A wooden jamb offers an attachment point for the hinge. This is also used when the dimensions of the window are consistent.

Indirect mount: This type of mount is primarily used as a drywall. It is also used when the dimensions of the window are inconsistent.

Z-Mold: This is used for the inside mounts where the dimensions of the opening are not even. It allows the frame to be installed in the opening square to make the dimensions even. The panels will have to be square in shape and require a consistent so as to fit properly.

You can easily find a variety of custom plantation shutters. Choose one that suits your home’s architecture, your aesthetic sense and your budget.

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