Keep Your Cords Organized Using Building Blocks

Shawna Bailey
by Shawna Bailey
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7 Minutes
My desk is in a constant state of cord chaos, thanks to all the plugging and unplugging that goes on there on a daily basis. It takes about five seconds for all my cords to tangle together and then about 15 minutes to get them back in order. I looked at a few charging station organizers but wanted something more fun, and then it hit me - I would use some of my daughter's building block pieces to make a quick cable holder that also paid tribute to my geekier roots.
See? How cute is that! Here's how I did it...
Here's the big tangle that I was dealing with. This happened while I was trying to extract my phone charger. Ugh!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials
All that's needed for this project is a long flat building block piece, a few little block men, and some craft adhesive glue. The more cords you have, the longer your flat piece should be. Each man can hold two cords.

Step 2: Glue a Long Flat Piece to the Side of Your Desk
I applied a line of the thick glue along the back of the piece and stuck it right onto the side of my desk. Easy peasy!
The glue dries in just a few minutes so stick it on quickly, then leave it in place to set securely.

Step 3: Add Your Men
I put four men on my strip, spaced one row apart so that there was enough room for their arms. There's no need for glue in this step, because the men stick securely along the strip all on their own. I found that I had to bend them a little bit at the waist to get them at the correct angle to attach. Each man can hold two cables, so I only needed four for my cables.

Step 4: Put in Your Cords
Stick your cables into the men's hands and enjoy the instant order! Warning: These little guys may be distracting - try not to have too much fun!
Suggested materials:
  • Long flat building block   (Toy Store)
  • 4 building block men   (Toy Store)
  • Craft adhesive glue   (Craft Store)
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