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by Kelleysgirl
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I hate the way cords seem to take over an area, especially if you have a few chargers plugged into the same power strip. I thought long and hard about how to deal with this problem.
Here is the finished product.
This is what it looked like before I decided what to do with it all. All those charger cords make it hard to clean under the table.
It is really a disaster! I thought of using a box, but decided on a basket with a hinged lid I found at HL for half price.
It had holes on both sides to put the cords through.
And in just a few minutes, I had a much more organized area.

I want to add that these are seldom used charger cords plugged into a power strip. They are not all used at once, and they are used while I am in the room. I don't want them to overheat, especially inside a basket.
Suggested materials:
  • Basket   (Hobby Lobby $12.50)
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  • Linda T Linda T on May 24, 2016
    You mention overheating. I was told by more than one electrician that wires overheat when they are closely wound, so I have often wondered about the hints which fold them neatly into toilet roll tubes. I can be depended upon to unplug my cables at night, but my daughter and hubs are both ridiculously absent minded and I am very afraid of fire, so all ours are all over the place, which I dislike intensely! I know you say yours are not all in use at the same time, but in order to be neat, what does one do?

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  • MadameRã MadameRã on Jun 13, 2016
    I have a very creative idea for those who like difference.... There are plenty of thrift shops/craft shops & even two dollar shops; purchase three blending/ or brighter colours pipe cleaners for crafts, that will match your decor. Twist in a pattern form (1 colour, then the next & so forth keeping them in order that you like. Make lengths of 3 metres (as its easier to work with),place your cords together then by starting at the base of the mess of head, pull all cords together & roll around your pipe cleaner lengths keeping it rolled evenly & close to create a 'rope look'; just keep roll attaching together to continue until @ the other end. Get three sample paints in the same shade chosen & with square tissues boxes paint any type of pattern that you cut box carefully from the mouth all the way downwards & around leaving one side uncut.. now you can slip in all the ends & simply use strong coloured prefered elastic bands & attach a few at either end of box, this closeses it enough without putting pressure on cords; face the cut opening towards the wall so you can see the lovely paint work done. The cords that have been nicey wrapped can be just left lying on the ground or put neatly against skirting boards; to which this gives a great look to especially boring white skirting boards that the majority of places have.. You will be suprised how unique this look is, additionally its easy to undo if needed. Madame Ra

    • Kelleysgirl Kelleysgirl on Jun 13, 2016
      @MadameRã Do you have a pic? Would love to see it, I am having a hard time seeing it from the description.

  • MadameRã MadameRã on Jun 14, 2016
    To Kelly... I added a couple of 'mixed' ideas in my last message, part was a mistake as i was answering another question additionally, apology... though the basics are still fact! Another idea to cover the ends"/or boxes" are to buy the right size cheap baskets, mix spray paint with gold & silver for dynamic affect. The two baskets should be the same size so when you hold them together they form some type of cube.. On one of the baskets, using a sharp package tape cutter, cut a space the size all the 'bits' will fit into. Once happy with that then glue strongly the baskets together (idea for extra beauty, glue some beautiful crystals at the face); along with your neatly wrapped up cords (of your selected pattern choice of pipe cleaners), once all ends are stuffed into your basket box you'll then have a magic look.* want to be a bit more elaborate?... Use two different green felt pieces & make into grass pieces of different lengths (like your lawn hasn't been mowed) & glue them sticking up (u may need to fold the grass blades that you have cut length ways, press with an iron) this will help hold the blades up on top of your fancy basket box (you might even want to keep the baskets a mixed bronze instead to give a look of a pot plant holder).. After your blades have dried using clear craft glue then roll gently a few blades downwards between your thumb & fingers, this makes it look even more interesting... • Now my mix up b4 but can be used.. Thats making flowers from play dough, let them dry a couple of days then varnish with clear nail varnish, then stick a few between some of the grass blades... Is another beautiful i have given a few ideas for you to get some adventure from.. I am hoping to get some form of permission for pics (& understand that this statement might be hard for you to get a grasp on however it is involved with legal issues, all because of who i am & my private clients, & i do sincerely apologize for this, but i am releasing already done ideas, so i know they work,& for the moment that will have to be the best i can offer.) By getting 'crafty' you would be suprised what you can make from all sorts of items... Again i hope i have cleared up an area,& i hope you'll be able to use your imagination for your personal tastes & fun cause its all good for you, kind thoughts Madame Ra