Custom Desk Organizer

Wanda Miller Urie
by Wanda Miller Urie
2 Hours
Apparently my desk drawer is an odd size and although I bought the drawer organizer that was the closest fit to my drawer, it still slid around in the drawer. But the main problem? It has a lot of little compartments and I wanted to store some larger items. So I decided to create my own custom desk organizer.
I traced the drawer onto some craft paper so I could play with the layout of the items.
I moved things around until they fit.
We used 1/2" by 4" oak boards. 8' long gave us plenty of wood and we were able to make dividers to create compartments we needed. Shortly into the process we realized that this desk organizer that we used in our old computer desk (with tiny drawers) could slide along the top of the wood if we didn't space the two pieces too far apart! Perfect because now we didn't have to put in dividers for all the little cubbies. We could just focus on the big ones. :) Here the upper tray is slid to the right.
Upper tray slid to the left. All in all, well worth the time spent!!
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