New Life for an Old Desk

Michelle Hamill
by Michelle Hamill
If you are not a fan of painted wood, this post is not for you. We were out shopping one day and stumbled across a beat up old desk for $5 and I knew it was coming home with us. I had seen some pictures of gray and white furniture and that was my vision for this piece.
So this is not the actual desk we bought. I forgot to take a picture! But it was close to this but with a lot more scratches and imperfections along the top and sides.
This was my stopping point before finishing. Who stops this close? The girl who decided the handles needed one more blast of spray paint before attaching to the drawers.
The chair was a find for $3 on another day. It looked like someone had chewed holes in the seat way back in the day and was left for rot. But look at that back! Who can pass that up?
The chair and handles were both painted with Valspar's Azure Snow. Isn't it beautiful? You need to go get some and see it in person to really appreciate the beauty of this color.
I chose the material for the seat to match the desk including the yellow sides of the drawers. And now it is all ready for someone to love as a beautiful desk or with an added mirror it would make a great vanity.
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