DIY Accent Wall and Painted Secretary Desk
We’re bringing you our final feature project from the Creating with the Stars promotion. This creation from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs for the paint theme of the contest is beautiful! See how she created this masterpiece and how you can up-cycle something similar to add a pop of personality to your home. For the full tutorial please visit or click here:
Brought to you by Sarah:
We started with a bookcase from Goodwill that had great lines and details. They were remodeling the back end of the building so we got it for 50% off, which ended up at $30. I’m thinking the drop panel was originally intended to be a dry bar, Goodwill even had it staged with an ice bucket and martini glasses!
Turning it into a secretary was the perfect solution since it would fix the choppy layout and add more functionality! We also added little feet to help it look not as bottom heavy and swapped the hardware for something smaller.
We designed the stencils in the computer and cut them out on the silhouette. The big one is 9 – 12×12 sheets that were taped together! See those little lines? They were necessary to hold the stencil together, so I went back and filled them in with a little paint afterwards.
We adjusted the layout so that its doors were together (on the bottom) and the shelves were together (at the top). I now love how the fold down door doesn’t break up the shelving, and now acts as a desk!
To paint, I followed the same principles I always do: sand, fill in holes/dents with wood filler, sand again, wipe down with a microfiber cloth, prime, lightly sand with a fine sandpaper, wipe with a microfiber cloth, and then apply the top coat (3 coats)!
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  • AmericanWoman AmericanWoman on Dec 12, 2013
    You put a lot of work into this. Everything looks professionally done. Sensational job.