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Cathie Acosta
by Cathie Acosta
Price: Less than $60 for stain AND the desk; all other supplies were on hand.
Time: A weekend, starting and stopping as needed.
I love, love, love color! Now, I realize it's not everyone's comfort zone, but sometimes I just have to branch out and take a risk away from the white/brown movement. This project could not have turned out any better!!
Bleh...brown...bleh. Great bones and size, but it's just bleh!
I am one of "those" people who has to have a piece kind of, you know, speak to them. Not in the white jacket, padded room way. Just something about a piece will inspire me and motivate me to create something different than the norm.

See these drawer pulls?!?! THEY inspired me...Americana-ish. (That's now an official Webster word-ish. ;-) )
Unicorn SPiT Vibrantly Colored Wood Stain and Glaze to the rescue!!!!! Can I just become a bit psychotic for a minute and remind everyone that there is NO other product like it. Period. No ifs, ands, or but (butts) about it!
Yes sir; that's Americana in a stain, courtesy of Molly Red Pepper, White Ning, and Blue Thunder Unicorn SPiT and a Dewalt orbital sander. Between Frog tape and eyeballing, (oh, and my pesky OCD "gotta measure to get the ratios close to perfect to original" spasm) SPiT helped me create a showstopper. Here, my big decision was whether or not to go traditional or Betsy Ross for the star pattern. Polled FB...Betsy Ross won! I was secretly proud of my ESP abilities; it was the one I wanted but didn't think there was much of a market for it. Woohoo!
Sherwin Williams paint mixed with calcium carbonate for my base navy/bright blue paint was the perfect base to dry brush more SPiT on, but used as a glaze this time. Doesn't it look like denim, a bit?!? Loved the outcome on these drawers.
The original trim color was perfect, surprisingly, for my final vision. Distressing, polyurethane, and tung oil finish were used to sync all the work into a cohesive, FUNctional work of art. Voila!! It's perfect...and didn't even make it to listing before it sold. Double woohoo!!
Original drawer pulls were put back in place.
And, you can bet on the fam damily that making the stars in a perfect circle and spaced apart exactly caused a bit of creative vocabulary usage.
Wine?..ahhh, all is much better after a glass or two. My frustration and nerves, not the furniture and creative process.
Dangnabbit!! Love the look of these drawers.
Unicorn SPiT - $

Perfect piece of furniture - $

Inspiration to motivation to creation - PRICELESS!!

Find more of my pieces on FB under RoCin' REes.
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  • Shi8938374 Shi8938374 on Jun 10, 2017
    Why add calcium carbonate to paint? What exactly are the steps you used for the top.. I have an oak table I want to do something similar to (not flag, but similar concept of multi stains). I am beginner.

  • Linda Linda on Mar 21, 2019

    How did you measure the stripes, blue square, and stars and did you do the stars free hand

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