Pots for My Fountain

Kris Lee
by Kris Lee
Here are some shots of the lamp bases that I am using to make a multi-layered fountain in my yard. Just thought you would like to see them and when I have the fountain finished (hopefully this year) I will post the final version. I also posted pictures of a file cabinet that I painted. I use it to store my paper. It also has a great top file for other needs as well. I am excited about the fountain, and using lamp bases will keep from having to fill up a pot w/water to run over. Saves on the amount of water needed for this water feature. AND the holes are already drilled (except the dark blue glass vase) I hope it doesn't break in the process. I am really looking for one tall, floor lamp (since the one I had broke) to finish the set off. Do I need to?
Three of the lamps to be painted. I decided to leave one white to go w/the color scheme.
The tall broken lamp base was supposed to be a tall lamp for the fountain, but it tipped over and broke. I saved the bottom part and will stack it w/the lamp next to it.
These are the lamp bases after painting. I didn't get a picture of the green and dark blue one. The dark blue one is actually a large glass vase that I painted. You can see the stacked lamps, the swirl goes the same way!
This is a cute file cabinet that I use to store paper---boring!
Wowza!! Look at it now!
I painted the inside too, love the way this turned out.
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