Double Delight: From Plastic to Retro Office Chair

Taking two clear Lucite chairs (minus the legs), Hometalker Sarah created a pattern on one using painter’s tape and spraying with orange paint. She then stuck pages from a vintage comic to the underside of the top seat. With the underside covered, the second seat was fixed in place, sandwiching the pages between the two seats. A playful twist to liven up a day in the office. Get tutorial here

Beautifully Vintage Office Chair

Old school or vintage, however you describe it, this office chair looks fantastic. Starting with a varnished swivel chair, this Hometalker set about removing the original stain. Once sanded, she replaced the leg sockets and screwed in some modern bronze casters. She finished with a few coats of white paint, leaving a small section on the shaft in its original color. She added a colored cushion to give the piece some extra pop! Get tutorial here

Budget Makeover for the Perfect Accent Chair

Transforming old accent chairs doesn’t have to break the bank. After picking up this piece for $5, Sherre removed the cushion, cleaned the frame and tighten any loose screws. She stapled material to the seating cushion and sanded scratches into the frame. When restaining the frame, she ensured the scratches were visible enough to achieve the vintage look, adding a sophisticated accent to an office environment. Get tutorial here

Denim Delight for a Casual Office Chair

For this project, Claire used four pairs of jeans to create an innovative office chair cover. To start, she covered an Ikea Skruvsta chair with paper to make her templates. Using the seams as a guide to get the most denim per section, Claire sewed the right sides of three pieces together. She repeated the process before draping the two covers over the chair. Lastly, she pulled the covers taught and stapled for a truly unique finish. Get tutorial here

The Best Bombay Accent Chair Makeover

The British Raj inspired some truly impressive designs and this Bombay accent chair can add a regal touch to your office. Chairished Furnishings sanded the frame and painted it bronze. Chalk paint was used to distress the frame and jute webbing stuck to the seat and backrest. To finish, this Hometalker built up the cushions with muslin, sponge and cotton batting. Microsuede forms the decorative covers. Get tutorial here

Unbelievably Easy Office Chair Update

Standard office chairs are often a boring blend of black and chrome. Wanting to rectify that, Hometalker Jo Ann Spofford removed the cushions from an old office chair and sprayed the chrome frame using primer and matte black paint. As the paint dried, she cut two lengths of polka dot material and stapled them to the cushions before fixing them to the frame for a neat makeover. Get tutorial here

Fantastic DIY Bean Bag Chair

Sometimes offices need to show their fun side and bean bag chairs are the perfect way to capture that. To make hers, Nancy turned the right sides of two pieces of cloth together and stitched the long edges. She used zigzag stitching to prevent fraying. Finally, she sewer the bottom ends together and added a zipper. After filling with beans, Nancy repeated the process to make a patterned removable cover. Get tutorial here

Mid-Century Marvel to Modern Masterpiece

Reviving an office chair is easy. For this project, Zest it Up took a mid-century chair and colored the base using metal primer and yellow spray paint. Once dry, they flipped it over and applied a few coats of spray paint for car upholstery. Despite its intended purpose, the Rustoleum’s Fabric and Vinyl paint worked perfectly on this faux leather office chair. Get tutorial here

A Perfectly Painted Leather Office Chair

Leather office chairs can last forever, meaning they outlive the era in which they were trendy. To give them a new look, do as Hometalker Wendi did. She prepped the chair by rubbing it with 100 grit sandpaper and TSP. With the shine removed, the surface was ready for chalk paint. After applying two coats and allowing to dry, Wendi completed the makeover by waxing and buffing. Get tutorial here

Sensational Spray for a Pretty Parsons Chair

For this project, Hometalker McCall Manor stepped outside of the norm and spray painted her fabric Parsons chair. Inside her spray shelter, McCall loaded a Finish Max Sprayer with Chalk Paint. She covered the frame with plastic bags and gave the material two coats of paint. To finish, she used graphite paint to add a stencil, giving her chair a fresh new look. Get tutorial here

Special Stencils to Upgrade Your Office Chair

To update this Windsor chair, Kristy sanded damaged parts and filled cracks with drywall plaster. She then layered on four coats of black paint. Once dry, she prepped for the final stage of the project by taping the areas she wanted to keep black. Then, she stuck down her stencils, sprayed the chair white and removed the tape for this stylish looking office chair. Get tutorial here

Ingenious Office Chair with Hidden Talents

Despite the sewing vibe, the hidden drawer would make this chair a great addition to your office! This Hometalker removed the casters on a wooden dining chair and added two coats of white chalk paint. After adding the tape measure pattern, she screwed drawer sliders to the underside of the chair. Facing the drawer to the side allows it to be opened while seated. Get tutorial here