Tired of Your Home Office? Built-In Cabinets Just Might Work For You!

Tired of your Home Office? Built-in Cabinets just might work for you! I’m grateful every day for my home-office. I adore having my space to create, play, and learn in. When we first bought our home over 10 years ago, I was happy to choose some office furniture that met my needs. I have lots of electronic equipment and needed lots of desk space. Plus, this office isn’t that big of a space. Also, I had to house a guest bed in here as well! We get company at least monthly, and I want them to be comfortable and have a space of their own.
As you can see in the above image, it’s a small space, (about 11×11) and I had to make it work. I have my red day bed, which I adore. It’s so comfortable. Guests sleep like a baby in it.
And, there is the beast I call my desk. It does work perfectly for me in terms of size, but its way oversized for the small office. I can’t handle the wall shelving anymore. I’m so over it. Plus, the end table that houses the TV, that’s gotta go too! While I love the piece, acquired at Pier One, it’s causing so much congestion in an already small situation. I adore my dual monitors – I’d have three if I could! Oh – and the wires….I am so over the wires. A built-in desk and hutch would surely solve all these issues!
Then, as you can see above, I have a beautiful chest of drawers that I use to store a lot of various items from socks to electronic equipment. This piece of furniture has to go too!
OK, so now for the make-over! I’m still in the process of working this out, but I think I want built-ins. I could easily find a nice desk and hutch, but I’m seriously considering this look!

I have a friend who designs home cabinetry – he does this for his living. I spoke to him about creating a built-in for me, and he said it’s totally doable! And the price wasn’t so bad either. It helps to have friends in high places :)
I love the amount of space they packed into this unit above. And the lighting – wow.
Not exactly what I have in mind, but I do love the workspace.
In the image above, this is more in line with my vision. I love the ambient lighting both high and low. I would need to expand this across the entire wall which would give me far more workspace – ideal!
Here is another beauty! I could live with this with some tweaks. I think I would choose black as my final color – and possibly a granite counter-top! I could settle for a new desk and hutch :( – Not exactly my vision but, I just might have to be open to this possibility as well.

I’m not sure of the ETA for this project. It’s on my radar for sure! Keep you all posted if this dream manages to come true!

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