What Every Well Dressed Woman Needs is a LITTLE BLACK DESK

by Lori
15 Hours
I wanted a little feminine desk for what has come to be called my room partly because I only put one chair in it, mine. I found and fell in love with this one on Kijiji and although I had planned to paint it, it looked ok in my room so painting got put on hold for down the road.
Doesn't look too bad, right?
So, when I was asked to participate in a project on Hometalk, using metallic paints from Modern Masters, I'd seen some of their paints used on projects and was very impressed so I agreed to give it a try. Of course the first thing I thought about painting was my desk and set about picking a colour. Knowing it had to go in my room narrowed down the choices somewhat thank goodness, because I don't know how I would have picked otherwise. Go to their site www.modernmasters.com sometime and just enjoy.
No turning back now.
Once I chose my colours I gathered up my courage and started sanding. After the first scratch, it got easier, and I sanded the shine off to ready it for the primer, Zinsser's Bulls Eye 123. With the primer on I got a look at what it would look like painted white.
I was glad I had chosen Black Pearl and Slate Grey from the feast of colours on the Modern Master's site. That being said after the first coat I was a bit worried, but it said it would take three coats because it was a semi opaque paint.
The paint I chose for this was BLACK PEARL ME700 and STEEL GREY ME244. Although the colours are wonderful, I found it impossible to keep a wet edge, resulting in brush strokes and shading that drove me crazy. In the end I re sanded the flat surfaces with 80 grit paper, watered down the paint and put two coats on and it was much better.

This is what I got when all was said and done.
I stencilled city names from around the world on the top and found the perfect material to cover the chair with and lined the drawer as well. I did the words with grey and rolled them with an almost dry roller and flattened with a dry brush. I wanted them to look weathered and travel worn and they do.
That worked pretty good and I am happy with my Little Black Desk. It is back in it's home, my room.
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