Organize Your Power Cords

by Ivylore
With so many gadgets that need charging, it is very difficult NOT to have an unsightly tangle of power cords! I saw this wonderful post of a ribbon box that was used to store a power strip and several power cords and I decided I had to do that to organize all of the cords that I now have around the house: cell phones, ipads, ipods, laptops. It would have been so simple just to buy a ribbon box, cut out a lttle door to allow the power strip in and voila!... BUT it was snowing outside ( we are getting 6-12 more inches of snow on top of the 8 inces we already have on the ground) and I felt like taking on a diy project inside :)
So, I found an old photo storage box I had and proceeded to create my own power cord storage box today. Here is the result.
How to make a power cord organizer
I found an older photo storage box that was not being used.
I measured a flap large enouge for my power strip to fit through. Mine was 2in by 3in.
I used a cardboard cutting tool to cut out the flap
Cut on 3 sides only. Fold the top of the flap inside.
The flap is open for the power strip
I decided to have only 2 holes on each side. I traced the circles on each side.
Cutting out the circles was a pain! It is tedious and took awhile :(
When I finally cut out one of the circles, I was motivated to continue!
All of the circles cut out.
A couple of the circles were kind of awkward, so I decided to camoflauge it by decorating them with ribbon.
I found some gold trim left over from a roll of Christmas ribbon
I hot-glued the ribbon around the circles.
the power cord mess!
Now I placed the power cord inside the box and arranged the charging cords where I wanted them plugged in
I covered them with the lid- VOILA- a lot neater looking!
Here is my ipad and cell phone charging on top of the power cord box. Still looks much neater than before :)
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