12 Inspiring Home Remodeling Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Value

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In this article you’ll see 12 inspiring home remodeling ideas. Home remodeling can be an intimidating process, yet it need not be, as there are lots of posts and photos available to inspire and assist. More often than not, the outcome will both make the homeowner happier and yield more value to the home.

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Many considerations go into a home remodel. Such as, will you remain in your home or move out during the renovation? Will you do the work yourself or hire a home remodel designer and contractor? Should you do a home remodel that suits only your tastes, or renovate with an eye toward resell? What types of home remodels will bring the most value to your home? Here you’ll see four main categories, and three examples within each, of the types of home remodels that will add the most value: bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, basement remodel and porch remodel.

1. Bathroom Remodeling

Do you long for a larger or just brighter bathroom? Or maybe you need to add a bathtub to a bathroom? Generally, a bathroom is not a home remodeling project that is easy to DIY; however, it can add significant value to your house. 

Brighter Bathroom Remodel

A simple switch in paint color can expand the feel of the bathroom, which was the first item on the checklist in this project. Paint is also easy on the budget.

Some other ideas the Hometalker used in this bathroom remodel to brighten the space were removing the heavy blinds (consider not using window coverings at all if you are in an area where you have no risk of onlookers), installing brighter tile, and switching out the vanity lights to ones that have a little bling to them.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas (Designthusiasm)

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Larger Bathroom Remodel

If it’s more space you need but don’t actually have room to grow, there are some tricks you can employ that will make it feel much bigger.

This bathroom remodel used some genius techniques to give the illusion of expanding the footprint. A doorless shower with a glass side opens up the area. A clawfoot tub instead of one framed with a tile surround frees up space. Lighting over open glass shelving makes everything brighter, and a glass french door lets the light in.

Bath Remodel Ideas (The Refeathered Roost)

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Budget Bathroom Remodel

With so many stylish options in every price range on the market today, a bathroom remodel can be completed on a budget.

This bathroom remodel project, which includes a video, makes great use of beautiful but inexpensive finishes and finds to convey a luxurious feel. Shiplap on the walls is an easy and budget friendly upgrade. Ordinary subway tile can be laid in a jazzy pattern, such as the herringbone done here, and two or three different tiles that complement one another add an instant upscaleness when used together. This Hometalker went a step further and added amazing vintage lights that really take the bathroom up a notch.  

Bathroom Remodel on a Budget (Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes)

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2. Kitchen Remodeling

Do you need more space for cooking or for storage? Wish the whole family could eat around a kitchen island? Or perhaps it’s just a more basic refresh you need. The kitchen is where everyone hangs out, and is one of the most visible areas in a house. For that reason, this is a home remodeling project that will potentially add the most value to your home. Projects range from simpler DIYs to large-scale.

Overall Kitchen Remodel

A total kitchen overhaul would provide the most dramatic change, but of course be the most involved type of home remodel. It would also be the most disruptive to your family, since the kitchen is the center of the home. The end result would be worth it though!

This kitchen went from dark to a bright coastal feel space. Everything from the cabinets, paint and flooring, to the appliances, was ripped out and changed. The most stunning feature is a vintage island the Hometalker stumbled upon at an antique store. Many times, older homes do not have a kitchen island, so adding one will provide storage, seating and a more modern atmosphere.

kitchen remodel Ideas (The Bachelorette Pad Flip)

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Kitchen Countertop Remodel

Kitchen countertops can become dated quickly. Materials and trends are constantly changing. There is a wide array of types of countertops: granite, quartz, soapstone, concrete and tile are just some of the options, with pros and cons to each.

Butcher block is another option. It gives a warm look and feel, is naturally antibacterial, strong and durable, biodegradable and affordable. This Hometalker used lumber to DIY her own butcher block look-a-like countertops at a fraction of the cost of other countertop materials. As she noted, it’s important that the lumber be untreated, since it’s a food prep area. Her white subway tile with the dark grout really pops against the wood. The vintage tin ceiling in the kitchen is an unexpected cool touch!

Kitchen Countertop Remodel (Tootie Trouy)

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Small Kitchen Remodel

Everything doesn’t have to be changed in the kitchen remodel to make a big impact. Small pieces can be altered a few at a time.

Dark cabinets can really bring a kitchen down. Painting them a fresh, bright color brings it all to life. Appliances also make a big impact. You don’t have to be stuck with an avocado green refrigerator from the 1970s. Switch it out for a sleek stainless steel model instead. This hometalker also switched out countertops. Notice how the island countertop is different from the main tops. This trick makes the kitchen a little more unique. Updating hardware is a simple yet affordable step too that anyone can accomplish. 

Small Kitchen Remodel (Designing Domesticity)

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3. Porch Remodeling

Do you like to entertain? How about a lazy afternoon on the back porch reading a book or listening to music? Sip a sweet tea while the kids play in the backyard. If done properly, a deck or porch home remodeling project can be an extension of the home, like an extra room. And if the remodel is in the front of the home, the all-important curb appeal, as well as home value, will be increased.

Screened Porch Remodel

Depending on your climate, a screened porch can potentially be used year-round, especially if it has a fireplace. It has so many benefits, like being shielded from sun, bugs and rain, while at the same time allowing breezes to come and go.

This Hometalker’s screened porch remodel incorporates everything the homeowner needs within the screens. An outdoor grill and mini kitchen for entertaining and a fireplace at the other end to provide warmth in the cooler months. A ceiling fan will circulate the summer breezes. If one so desires, a tv could also be placed on the porch. This screened porch opens right up onto the uncovered deck and then further on into the yard with just a few steps. Wood ceilings and beams make the space cozy.

Screened Porch Remodel (Mosaic [design + Build])

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Front Porch Remodel

Many home plans, especially those from the 70s & 80s, do not call for any type of front porch. The result is a rather flat look on the front of the home.

This 1980s home had neither a distinguishing porch or a carport. The Hometalker added on a simple peaked roof porch and changed the entire look of the home. A matching carport was also added to the side, which complemented the look perfectly. Another thing the homeowner did was remove overgrown trees and shrubs. Even if you have a perfectly great porch, overgrown landscaping will overshadow it. 

Front Porch Remodel (Suzanne)

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Patio Remodel

Having a small patio on top of grass is a wonderful add-on, especially when an actual deck isn’t big enough, and for those who don’t want to walk on top of the grass with nicer shoes. This is generally not a very difficult project, and there are an array of interesting stones and pavers available.

Stairs in this Hometalker’s project lead right down to the new flagstone patio. Polymeric sand is in between the joints. It’s so nice to be able to sit or stand on the grass level, especially when children are at play in the yard. In this remodel there was enough flagstone leftover to build a pond and waterfall. The stone medallion in the middle of the patio is a wonderful decorative touch.

Patio Remodel (Jane A)

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4. Basement Remodeling

Are you looking for a place for your teenagers to hang? Or maybe you need a kids’ playroom, workroom, extra bedroom or man cave. An unfinished basement is oftentimes a home remodeling project that gets put on the backburner. Or, it’s finished just enough to be able to use, but still not finished to the level the homeowner desires. It can be transformed into so many types of rooms, with each option certain to add value to the home.

Basement Playroom Remodel

Lighting is one of the biggest issues in a basement, as most of the time there are no windows or doors.

This Hometalker painted her basement, installed new flooring and used track lighting to showcase family photos. One of the benefits of have a basement is being able to close it up quickly to hide kids’ messes. Also, with kids playing in a basement, rather than above the main living area, noise levels are kept to a minimum. The sleek white built-in that holds the tv further lightens the room. And how cozy is the L-shaped sofa? Parents can park here while kids play at their feet. Yet another basement playroom bonus? If there’s not an outside door, you’ll always know exactly where they are. 

Basement Remodeling (Kandi and Rebekah)

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Basement Man Cave Remodel

Perhaps even more important than closes off kids’ messes and minimizing their noises is doing the same for a man cave.

This stunning basement turned man cave remodel has everything the boys would want: a bar, pool table, tv, memorabilia and media room. Use of lighting and mirrors helps to expand the area and make it brighter. The gorgeous bar is framed by stacked stone and there’s even a small wine cellar in the back. 

Basement Man Cave Remodel (Statewide Remodeling)

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Basement Living Area Remodel

The most versatile type of basement remodel, this type gives lots of options. This works best if there is a door leading to the outside. A bedroom can be added, which can be used for guests or even rentals. Other add-ons could be a workout room, work area or home office.

This Hometalker did a little bit of everything with this basement: A bedroom and bathroom were added, and also a tv and ping pong table. The bedroom can be used for an overflow of guests, slumber parties, a teenager’s bedroom, mother-in-law’s quarters or can be rented out if there’s a separate outside entrance. There’s plenty of overhead lighting and even a pinball machine tucked in the corner. A bear rug on the wall adds a rustic touch! 

Basement Living Area Remodel (Matrix Basement Systems, Inc.)

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Hopefully you’re inspired by some of the projects you’ve seen, and will now start your own home remodeling project. Your project can be small or large in scope. You can DIY it yourself or hire a contractor. And remember the top four home remodeling projects that will add the most value to your home: bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, porch remodel and basement remodel. Don’t feel like you have to tackle everything at once. Even a small project can make a big impact.

We’d love to see your home remodeling projects! Don’t forget to add them to Hometalk so that others can see your beautiful and inspiring ideas. Happy Remodelling!

Written for the Hometalk community byMartha McGlothlin | Martha Jane

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