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We have been working on a project for the last 13 years that involves the relocation of 64 historic buildings in the Ybor City National Historic Landmark District. Last week this one was moved at night. Thought you might enjoy seeing some photos of it loaded and on the road. For some background on why the homes are being moved, see the entries under Tampa Interstate Study at http://preservationresource.com/projects/
The house is loaded onto steel beams and wheels
Another view of the house loaded onto the steel
A view from the rear - the house will travel backwards so it can pull onto the new lot easier
Starting the move - the wheels barely clear the curb
Pulling off the old lot to make the trip
A close-up shot
The house is wider than the street, so stop signs, utility poles, etc. have to be removed en route and tree branches trimmed
The house at its new site set on a new foundation. The purchaser will be responsible for electrical and plumbing hookup as well as renovations.
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  • Historic Shed Historic Shed on Feb 03, 2013
    Carolyn - The houses are being moved to lots owned by the City of Tampa. They sell them through a qualified bidding process to anyone who agrees to rehab them to preservation standards within a certain time frame. I'll post some more projects later this week.

  • Love, Love, Love that this is being done! Fantastic, thank you for sharing. As a decorator who loves antiques and repurposed elements... this is right up my alley!