Market Street Living Room Remodel & Restoration "Before / After"

Before / During / After
This is an 1800's home in Central PA. The entire space was re-done: new wiring, recessed lights, heat, windows (restored the 100 year old leaded glass front picture window), blown in cellulose insulation, fireplace and stone, stairs, (original oak paneling on the one wall was left and sanded and sprayed with satin black enamel), floors have never been finished and were covered with a 1950's blue thick shag carpet, I sanded the cherry, put a pre-stain treatment w 2 coats of General Finished Warm Cherry Stain and topped it with 3 coats of General Finishes latex floor finish, plaster walls all kept and repaired to perfection. All colors and design and furniture chosen by me. All work done by me ... no sub-contractors used at all.
Stay tuned I will continue to upload other finished areas of this home both exterior and interior as well as the ongoing work on the second, third and fourth floors. Thank you
Before # 1 (Angle -1) "demo had been done, electrical and insulation with first stage of plaster repair ( New front door had not yet been installed)
Before # 2 (Angle-1)
During # 1 Floors sanded ready for stain
After # 1 ( No furnishings ) Please note I did the floors to look distressed
After # 2 (Furnishings no art or finishing touches)
After # 3 (Furnishings no art or finishing touches)
After # 4 (Furnishings no art or finishing touches)
Before (Angle-2)
During Floors sanded ready for stain
After # 1 Before main furnishings
After # 2 With furnishings no art work
Before (Angle-3) Demo, electrical, heat and stripping and sanding of stair case completed
During # 1 Floors ready to stain. Fire place completed, stairs stained, painted and finished with carpet - see pics below)
During # 2 Pre-stain treatment on floor ready to be stained
After # 1 Start of furnishings
After # 2 Furnishings no art on final touches
After # 3
Before (Angel -4) Stairs had been stripped of old carpet and finish ready for stain and paint, oak paneling sanded and ready for black enamel finish, floors not sanded
After # 1 Floors ready for stain
After # 2 Floors ready for stain
Before (Angel-5) Stairs sanded, electric and heat done plaster walls first stage of repair
After # 1 Floors ready for stain
After # 2
After # 3 Floors complete no major furnishings
After # 4 Furnishings done no art work or final touches
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  • Barbara Turner Barbara Turner on Jan 16, 2014
    Awesome! Nicole Curtis would give you an A I think!

  • Denise Denise on Sep 16, 2018

    what a great job you have done the hardwood floors look amazing, I have a mixed in my home or carpet floors and a large area which is covered in hardwood floor keeping in clean can be a chore at times backpack vacuum and polishing but it worth it in the end when you look at what you have achieved here well done