Painted Faux Hardwoods Onto Underlayment!

Tracy W
by Tracy W
I can't afford hardwood floors but the carpet had to go. So I decided to try to create faux hardwoods! It worked!
I started with basic underlayment. Removed staples and washed them down with a damp cloth.
I used brown porch & floor paint. Then I used a sharpie and a 1 x 6 board to simulate planks.
Then I made a glaze out of black paint and water. I sponged it on, let it sit for a minute and lightly wiped it with a damp cloth. I could play with the finish to get the shade/darkness I wanted.
Once finished, I put polyurethane over it. Added base molding and walah! Hardwood look floors for about $40 and a bit of work. I love it!
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