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by Flora
Does anyone else have a mobile home? need ideas for decorating small spaces.. just downsized and we are going to be updating .. tks
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  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Jan 31, 2013
    There are a handful here on Hometalk ...@Bernice H is one I know of off the top of my head.

  • Flora Flora on Jan 31, 2013
    Thanks KMS Woodworks...

  • Susan Susan on Jan 31, 2013
    I do!!! I have a 1997 doublewide and have done quite a bit of decorating, though not any major remodeling. Painted bathroom cabinets, hung new light fixtures, painted rooms, new sinks and appliances, etc. Lots more I'd like to do as budget allows. I'm a single Mom with 2 daughters, and a stick-built house just wasn't affordable for me. I'm fortunate that I live in a very nice mobile home park that requires home to kept up to high standards; no junked vehicles, peeling roofs, or barking dogs here! Here's a before/after of my master bathroom:

  • Susan Susan on Jan 31, 2013
    Sorry....I noticed the pictures don't show the how really pretty the wall color is in the bathroom. It's a beautiful light green, the cabinets are Vanilla Custard from Behr, and I even painted the countertops!

  • Designs by BSB Designs by BSB on Jan 31, 2013
    Our humble getaway at the lake is a mobile home ... here was a solution to make it not look like a mobile home! ;0

  • Bernice H Bernice H on Jan 31, 2013
    @Flora Hi! yes @KMS Woodworks Kevin is correct , we have a 1976 dbl 3 br oldie..but i covered every square inch with paint...many times! ha! What SIZE is yours ? And what are you sayng about updating? Are you Remodeling ? Repainting? Not sure what you are meaning to do. Most of our updating has been in new carpeting, flooring,appliances,new countertops, sinks, faucets,16 yrs ago; since then new windows and slider 6 years ago, carpet and re: @KMS Woodworks Kevin's recommendation wood look vinyl planking, which made a total satisfying difference a few MONTHS ago. We have been here 16 years. Again, Most, incl carpet and vinyl was done when we first moved in, the windows within the last 6 years, and then newer carpet and flooring a few short months ago. If I can help with anything ..i would be happy to do so. if you could have seen this, gold dirty carpet, gold vinyl throughout, yellow bathroom sinks and countertops, yellow and brown wall paperstuff on kitchen walls, brown paneling...blah blah blah. UGLY! UGLY! But our friends always are surprised when they come in, doesnt look like MH from inside. You CAN turn a sows ear into a silk purse! @SheilaG, Plum Doodles has some good ideas too! As do most of our people on here, SUCH TALENT! Even @ and Kevin because they do so much remodeling and building etc.

  • Flora Flora on Feb 01, 2013
    Thanks Becky Sue.. your bedroom looks lovely.. great job.. i will keep you posted on our progress.. it will be a complete trasformation...

  • Flora Flora on Feb 01, 2013
    Tks Sheila.. I will let you know if I have a specific project.. mostly will be a complete makeover but as it is small (672 sq ft Small) with a couple of ad on rooms at the back I will be looking for ideas for storage,, decorating for small spaces, etc.. tks for your interest.. I will add pics as I go along...

  • Neatsmart Neatsmart on Feb 01, 2013
    If you could post some pictures, I'd love to offer some suggestions for specific areas. How exciting!

  • Flora Flora on Feb 01, 2013
    will add pics soon.. closing on the property should be this coming week.. getting excited.. but first it will just be getting it down to the bare bones and planning where & how to built it back up.. will keep you all updated

  • Creative Expressions Creative Expressions on Feb 01, 2013
    One thing to keep in mind is multi-purpose pieces and storage, storage, storage!!!I made bed frames for my beds and left out the box springs so that I could have that extra storage under the beds! Good luck with your projects!

  • Bernice H Bernice H on Feb 02, 2013
    So Flora, it sounds like a single wide? I forgot to mention I had 2 skylights put in and I cant tell you what a difference they make! I will be looking forward to seeing what you do with this challenge!

  • Bernice H Bernice H on Feb 04, 2013
    @Susan I really love the finished project. Very classy and very none mobile home looking. Even some of the new mh's dont look this good. Nicely done! I also painted my countertop..piece of cake. and it worked very well, even with water around. However for as small as countertop as it is, is very inexpensive to find formica that looks like granite , wood, etc , ours cost 60 for about 4-5 ft. However I did have painted countertops for about 3 years until I finally reared up and did the deed! I am just sorry I didnt change the lights while I was at it. boo

  • Flora Flora on Feb 04, 2013
    Bernice... yes it is a singlewide and not overly big but I am looking forward to decorating it.. plan is to gut and start again with drywall etc.. any ideas are welcome...

  • Susan Susan on Feb 04, 2013
    thanks Bernice! MH living has its' challenges--nothing is standard! The countertops are holding upwelling, though I'm not sure I'd do it again...the toxic odors were just too much! Next is the laundry room--only one left with the ugly mauve/green floral wallpaper board. Then it's on to painting the kitchen cupboards...and on, and on...!

  • Bernice H Bernice H on Feb 05, 2013
    @Susan @Flora please keep in touch with progress. BTW did you see the post of the closet redo, I want to do this to mine. I asked Steve why do they put the clothes bar at the top and the shelf at the bottom, when shorties can reach a higher clothes bar, and then put stuff on the bottom shelf. But we cant reach the top shelf, so it gets messy! I am still waiting for a good answer @ susan, what toxic odors? What did you use? I cleaned mine well, scuffed it a bit with sand paper, used kilz latex primer, then painted, latex, , then polyurethane a couple of coats. no fumes..odors to speak of. hmm what actual color is your counter top?

  • Susan Susan on Feb 05, 2013
    I used rusoleum countertop paint. Had to use a respirator to able to work, even with window open and fan running.. I closed of the room from the rest of the house when done each day, but the odor seeped everywhere. The counter is holding up well, but if I used it in my kitchen, we'd probably have to move out for a week. The color is sand.

  • Sounds like a fun project and small spaces can be challenging to decorate. Here are some tips for decorating a mobile home and there is a great website called that has lots of great decorating ideas - here are some to get you started! We look forward to your pics and showing off your personal style and new place to call HOME!

  • Flora Flora on Feb 08, 2013
    Tks.. I will check this out.

  • I think we are exactly what you're looking for :)

  • Waverley Paitson Waverley Paitson on Apr 12, 2018
    The first thing I did with my Manufactured Home was install laminate flooring in the front bedroom, closet, hall, and living room. Then I painted the bathroom cabinets ivory, installed new knobs, and replaced the plain clipped on mirrors with large, wood framed mirrors from TJ Maxx and Ross. Painted the halls, and my bedroom ( master) a pale blue with ivory trim, and had one window framed with wood trim. Installed one new toilet, and read up on how to decorate small spaces. My furniture is scaled down, so the room looks bigger. All that is really left is redoing the kitchen and landscaping. It is a retirement home, so in a few years, I will be there full time.