Block Out Nosey Neighbors With Privacy Glass

Trace out the shape and pattern on frosty contact paper, then stick the pieces on glass. Get tutorial here

Give That Dusty Garage Door A Facelift

Wipe down the garage door with a cleaner first, then paint over the door with black paint. Get tutorial here

Fake A Lavish Tub With Faux Stone

Set out the pattern to your Airstone stone and spread out the adhesive on the back of the stone. Get tutorial here

Have Magazine Worthy Stairs With Vinyl

Place several sheets of cardboard under your vinyl and use a credit card to smooth out bubbles once applied. (Alicia Gruber Winey) Get tutorial here

Have Lux Flooring On A Budget

Lay the first row of planks against a sturdy surface and stagger the seams on installing to prevent rows lining Get tutorial here

Pretty Up Your Bathroom With A Shiplap Wall

Remove the tank from the toilet to work efficiently, and cut wood to size. Get tutorial here

Wainscot Your Bathroom to Perfection

Get a faux wainscoting look by painting the third of the bathroom white and paint the top part teal. Get tutorial here

Add Texture To Your Walls With An Accent Wall

Measure and mark off where you want the faux stone to line up and use a masonry blade to cut down the stone when needed. (Laci Jane) Get tutorial here

Create A Fancy Look To Your Door With Glass

Tape off the area to be cut down and open up the space with a jigsaw. Get tutorial here

Install Cork Flooring For A Rustic Appearance

Tear up the previous flooring and map out what style you want the cork to lay in on the floor. (Sabrina Quairoli) Get tutorial here