A refreshing coat of paint for the bedroom

Hubby can certainly be included in the color decision, as long as he agrees to do it! Get tutorial here

Some added interest in your curb appeal

He probably wants this too, but hasn't had the time to think about it. Luckily it's almost May 8th. Get tutorial here

A private potting shed all your own

You'll discuss a man cave when Father's Day rolls around, but right now it's time to plan your she shed doors. Get tutorial here

Drool-worthy storage for craft supplies

A bit of drill work for him, a lifetime of happy (endless) craft storage for you! Get tutorial here

A bath that brings hummingbirds to the garden

He might be skeptical at first, but in no time you'll both be enjoying a garden filled with humming birds. Get tutorial here

Pot organization for your overstuffed kitchen

Promise him his favorite cooked dinner when it's all over - that might sweeten the pot! Get tutorial here

A simple pergola for relaxing outside

Can you imagine a cozier, prettier place to curl up together at sunset? This makes the list! Get tutorial here

A fresh coat for that worn concrete walkway

It looks a little sadder each year, so why not just perk it up a bit? You'll both enjoy the after. Get tutorial here

A shiny new tiled kitchen backsplash

There are many options open for DIYing a tiled backsplash, but whatever he does will be an improvement. Get tutorial here

Top to bottom garage storage (you can reach!)

This is really just a kinder way to say, "Please clean the garage!!" Get tutorial here

Freshly painted kitchen cabinets

This is one of the hardest redos to get hubby on board for - but it's Mother's Day, so... Get tutorial here