Classic Kitchen Remodel

This AK kitchen renovation is what we might call a "classic" kitchen remodel. The selections are rich, neutral, luxurious and great compliments to almost any style of accessories or fabrics a homeowner would want to bring in.
The island boasts wine storage along with decorative corbels that really set it apart from the crowd! The wall cabinets extend to the ceiling as does stone backsplash around the vent hood. The kitchen is not enormous but, with the remodel, gained so much customized cabinet storage and countertop prep space that it is perfect for even aspiring chefs.
Note the built-in niche built behind the cooktop. What do you think of this addition?
Stone backsplash with custom niche
Island with wine storage and large refrigerator
Appliances added to island - Created more cabinet storage space!
Room for everything - Room for every taste!
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  • Lisa Lisa on Feb 24, 2012
    I agree with Handy Andy....AK is fabulous about listenting to the client's needs and then suggesting ideas to enhance the client's objectives. Personally, I wouldn't like a microwave that low (I'm way too tall), but others would. Bottom line....the kitchen is done beautifully and looks elegant. I love the drawers beneath the stove...and the niche is a cool idea. ANother great joby by AK!!! Ed/Emily -- where's the pink????? Just kidding.

  • Great comments - we love to hear everyone's perspectives on the kitchen and the design. What works for one client, doesn't necessarily work for the next. We take great care to ask our clients extensive questions about how they grocery shop, how they cook, how they entertain and we especially ask their heights and whether they are left or right handed! There is a lot that goes into designing a true custom kitchen. This kitchen fit this client - but we love to hear what you would do differently! HandyANDY, greatly appreciate your feedback - you are right on! You're fabulous, too, Lisa - we're saving the pink for your next project!