Cabinet and Counter Make Over.

Steve Litz
by Steve Litz
2 Materials
10 Days
This was an older kitchen that was out dated. I had grown up in this house with this very same kitchen. Still had the wall papered walls and same paint. So I figured it was time to modernize a bit after seeing this for 25 yrs.
Since we plan to move in 5 yrs a complete renovation was out of the question and didnt have the funds to build new counter top at this time, I still wanted something that was aesthetically pleasing, but on a reasonable budget.
So this project came about. Some details in the project. We first started by removing all of the cabinet doors. After they were removed I pulled all the hinges off to get a spray paint Makeover also.
Start by sanding the cabinet doors and cabinet surrounds . If you have an orbital sander it will help speed up this procesd as this is the most time consuming. Don't be afraid to get dirty lots of sanding! After you have finished the sanding you will need about a gallon of int. Latex ( or cabinet enamel) and a good primer. I did not use a primer but recommend you do.
If you have a Wagner sprayer you will want to use this as it not only makes it quicker it also eliminates some of the brush stroke marks.
After you have finished painting (take your time, do mutriple coats as needed.
Now you can pick out a color spray paint and paint your hinges to match. I used rustoleum spray from lowes.
The countertop is the most tedious of all. I had Formica tops so I filled any big gouges with wood putty and sanded with 120 grit. Sand paper first.
I used the giani silica sand color but there are others. First laying down the black undercoat. Remember this is what shows through when finished. They supply you with rollers
, primer, the 3 colors of paint and poly top coat and sponges.
Laying it is more of an art then painting talent as there is no wrong way to do it. Just avoid smudging as its more dabbing with minimal paint on sponge. You can see below how it turned out.. good luck to everyone who reads this.

Prep cabinets
Remove cabinet doors.. sand prep and spray. Did not prime but recommend to prime prior to paint
Paint with roller and brush
Reinstall doors and hinges. Sorry bout all the junk
New handle pulls and knobs ( and lunch)
Prep counter top
Finish prep
Painted with 3 paint kit and finished with 3 coats of poly. Durability is not that great. Extended if taken care of. Was just a quick fix rather than building new right now .
Suggested materials:
  • Lots of sanding elbow grease.., power sprayer, latex int. Paint, giani countertop paint kit. New knobs and respray hinges.   (Lowes)
  • Sand paper, latex paint, spray paint for hinges, giani countertop kit   (Lowes)
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  • Melanie Melanie on Feb 05, 2018
    What is the color of the paint you used?

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  • Crt91 Crt91 on Feb 05, 2018
    You did a great job, it looks so fresh and new!!!

    • Steve Litz Steve Litz on Feb 05, 2018
      Thank you.. Time well spent and it brightened it up considerably. Great look for low cost :)

  • LibraryKAT LibraryKAT on Feb 05, 2018
    I love the color of the cabinets! You did a great job on them. Thanks for sharing. :-)

    • Steve Litz Steve Litz on Feb 05, 2018
      Thank you very much. House is slow progress but getting there.